Assange Links Article in Support of Daily Stormer – This Isn’t Good Enough, Julian

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2017

Julian Assange Tweeted an article from from a Russian speaking out in support of Daily Stormer.

Interestingly, the article wasn’t so much “yeah Nazis are evil but we have to protect free speech” as much as “well, these Nazis sort of have a point.”

Which is good.

But I don’t really even care about that. I am not asking for Julian Assange to endorse White Nationalism, and certainly not the fake media meme of “Neo-Nazi White Supremacy.”

What I am asking him to do is rally around me on principle, because what has happened to me – the unpersoning, the being forced onto the pedoweb – signals the death of the internet.

It doesn’t matter who I am or what I believe or how offensive you may find my fat jokes.

What matters is free speech. Because if we lose that, there is nothing left but violence. Obviously, I don’t say that promoting violence – I am just telling you, that is the inevitable outcome when speech is suppressed. It is a simple math equation. When people lose the ability to express themselves and their ideas through speech, they act out. And the government turns to violence to stop them. And then this escalates.

Of course, it was not technically the government that silenced me. But it was absolutely the government that failed to properly regulate these private companies, which we were simply supposed to trust to take care of us. Well, they have not taken care of us.

They have shut down our speech.

And I am just the beginning. These companies have lost their neutrality by banning me, and now anyone can be banned by simply saying “well you are supporting this.”

Because now that they have banned someone, they are implicitly supporting anyone they don’t ban. That is what is commonly known as “the slippery slope.”

All of these people should be flipping out, talking about this non-stop – but they don’t want to do it, because they don’t want to be accused of supporting Nazis.

Well, look, guys – David French just supported me. He said “evil,” “vile,” etc. – but he said that I have to have free speech, or no one does.

That is all I’m asking for here.

Because free speech is more important to me than my own website is.

We need an Assange press conference. We need Jones to be on this nonstop. We need demonstrations in Silicon Valley.

We need a collective demand that ICANN be regulated.

And we need this now.

If we don’t get back online on the real internet very quickly, then this is game over for the internet.

I can live on pedoweb, because my core supporters are ride or die.

But the rest of these people cannot.