Assange is Offering Trump a Deal: Evidence Russians Did Nothing for a Pardon

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2017

Why would there even be any question whatsoever with regards to whether or not to take this deal?

I just can’t see why someone would even need to think about it.

New York Post:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has offered to prove that Russia didn’t leak the e-mails of the Democratic National Committee last year. But he wants a deal — a pardon — for spilling the beans.

There is absolutely no reason that President Trump shouldn’t take him up on the offer.

WikiLeaks published hundreds of thousands of DNC e-mails, as well as ones from the computer of campaign head John Podesta and others. If the Russians didn’t hack the DNC computers and release the e-mails, then someone else did.

And the best candidate for the role of leaker is someone inside the DNC — perhaps a supporter of Bernie Sanders who felt his candidate wasn’t getting a fair shake.

This would change history and render moot any investigation of the Trump administration, except where it pertains to the much less serious allegation of obstruction of justice. I say lesser allegation, because it would involve obstruction of justice for a crime (the Russian hacking) that didn’t happen.

This would end this most retarded chapter of American history once and for all.

A US Senator has already confirmed that Julian has the dox.

Just do it, Mr. President, and let’s end this and move on – we can still MAGA if we bury this dead horse.