Assad Tells Saudis to Fuck Off, Hezbollah His Best Friend, Not Them!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2018

I think that the Assad story proves one thing above all else.

You should always fightYou should never surrender. Appeasement and believing Jewish promises never ends well. And what’s so moving about the Assad story was that the man was a bit of a cuck at the beginning of his term. He spent his days shopping with his photo-model wife in Paris…

He let knuckle-dragging gangsters with family ties run the Syrian economy.

Worse, he thought that if he presented himself as liberal and Western and gentle, that it would win him friends in the West. He even tried to style himself a reformer and democratizer of Syria. And he tried to be friends with Bush and the West. He never visited Moscow, not even once. And he let the whole Arab Spring CIAnigger operation fester in his country for too long, with disastrous results.

But just look at him now.

The only Middle-Eastern strongman who hasn’t been toppled.

And while I realize that this is in no small part thanks to the assistance rendered unto him by Russia and Iran, the fact of the matter remains. The man decided at one point to stand and fight. And he extended his life-span by doing so. Leaders everywhere take note:

Think of all the Presidents and leaders that have been ousted in the last 18 years.

Too many to even name.

All of them betrayed. All of them fallen victim to bad strategic decisions and cowardice. 

Assad has outlived them all. And like I said, he wasn’t an exceptional man or leader by any measure when this all started. He was always soft and came off as weak. But when the Chinese historians write his biography, he will be remembered for his redemption arc.

Because, in the end, he fought. And now, the geo-political situation has changed enough that he’s basically going to stay in Syria, and the media is going to have to backtrack their claims that he’s a genocidal dictator (well, one can dream) and every Western country that was baying for his blood is just going to have to deal with it. 

And now he has a lot of cards to play.

One of them is Hezbollah and Iran. 

But that’s actually a legacy of his genius father, who, should be mentioned at least once on the Stormer as an example of what a Based Strongman dedicated to fighting the kikes can do.

A Short History on Hafez

Syria has historically actually sided with Iraq, Egypt and the Ba’ath Party. But Assad’s father started realizing that the whole Ba’ath situation wasn’t going anywhere after years of trying to convince the other Arab countries to wage total war on Israel and getting stabbed in the back by Egypt – that at that point wanted to accommodate Israel.

Not to be stopped, he started… diversifying his portfolio and making friends with the Iranians and Hezbollah instead.

Hafez, being the literal big brain nibba that he was, started making lots of friends and connections.

When the US betrayed and ousted all of their former allies, one by one, Hafez’s long-term planning was sorta, kinda vindicated.

Because this guy was literally playing 4D chess.

He knew that the Soviets were butthurt with how incompetent Arab armies were after their catastrophic losses to Israel. So he offered them naval bases in Syria, a permanent foothold in the country and by doing so invested the Russkies into the fate of Syria.

This has clearly payed dividends decades after he actually effected the policy and saved his legacy, and the life of his son.

But there’s more to his legacy. 

In the 70s, the man invaded Lebanon. Old Wikileaks cables show that the Lebanese Christians welcomed him like a Crusader.

He assassinated the literal kike puppet Lebanese president and started a guerrilla war against the IDF that forced the Jews to retreat to the south of Beirut. All the while, the other Arab states were incredibly butt-mad that he sided with the Christians and didn’t care much for the Palestinians. I mean, he sort of supported them, but he also kept them on a leash. It’s complicated, but long story short, he did good and was proven right in the long-term. The Palestinians were unworthy and disloyal allies. So were the Jordanians – who he also fucked with lol.

And it gets better.

He basically created Hezbollah, with Iranian help of course.

And man, oh man, is Hezbollah competent. 

They kicked the US out of Lebanon, and then the kikes out of Lebanon in 2000. And then they defended Lebanon when the kikes tried to retake Beirut 6 years later. They stopped the IDF dead in its tracks.

2000 was, sadly, the year that Hafez died, so he did not live to see the full results of his legacy. But the man was a player. When he didn’t have pieces on the board, or cards to trade, he made them. 

Unable to fight Israel with the help of the Sunni Arabs, he wisely began courting the Christians, and then the Shi’ites. Always two steps ahead of the kikes and always managing from a position of relative weakness to create new ways to leverage his position.

One last thing: during his reign, he put down a Muslim Brotherhood rebellion in Syria. Then, like now, the Qataris supported their own proxy groups to compete with Saudi Arabia’s influence in the region. They tried to lead a Sunni rebellion against Hafez. Unlike Assad, Hafez didn’t hesitate. He put them down like dogs.

If his son had acted more swiftly and ruthlessly against basically the exact same people who restarted shit in Syria at the beginning of the war… things might have turned out differently.

But old man Assad’s earlier investments – the friendship with Iran, the formation of Hezbollah, and the courting of the Russkies ended up saving Syria years after his death.

And now, the Saudis and Israelis have got to deal with the reality of Iran setting up a Shi’ite crescent through the middle-east. They’re trying to do damage control and get Assad to kick the Iranians out, in exchange for money.

Whether he does so or not, he has cards to play now. 

He’s got leverage. 

From father to son, a gift has been bequeathed. 

It’s up to Assad to play his cards right now.

So, what about this whole Iranian situation? Well, he can just tell the Iranians to chill out and get the Saudis to send money to Syria. Meanwhile, keep on bargaining. And again, this is something that you can only do when you’ve got leverage. Even better if you still cooperate with the Iranians on the down-low.

And then tell Hezbollah, “I got this now, thanks” and let them retreat to Lebanon, where they can start preparing for the next IDF incursion.

And then pass go, collect your 200 and keep on letting weapons flow along the Shi’ite crescent to Beirut.

Keep on hustlin’, playa. You got dis.