Ass Implants Demonstrate the Infinite Depth of Women’s Lazy Narcissism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2019

As the reader is aware, I am a keen watcher of the Daily Mail sidebar, which is leading me into the role of expert on fake asses.

For example, today I was minding my own business, trying to gather informations about niggers or Brexit or Prince Philip’s car crash or something, and I get hit with this:

The astute individual will ask: is that sloppy fat whore’s ass fake?

The answer: indubitably.

This is the new thing.

Fake asses.

With the breast implant thing, we have a different scenario, okay. Different story there. I do not endorse breast implants, because I think basically women can wear padded or push-up bras. However, the truth of the matter is, if you have a flat chest as a woman the only way out of that is implants.

Asses, however, are muscular. You can go to the gym and get a nice ass. I know because I have one.

With women, it is actually probably easier than it is for men to go to the gym, as almost all of the exercises are lower-body. The rest is mainly yoga.

How hard can it be?

What else do women do?

They sure as fuck don’t work or have hobbies or think, I can tell you that.

A healthy, natural ass will never result in a cartoonish and bizarre “double side-tumor” look:

That is grotesque.

This bitch is a Nicki Minaj tier freak show.

The deal is, you have to get some of that shit implanted in your hips or it looks fucked-up to have your ass sticking out all unevenly.

See, look from the back:

Well, it looks fucked-up either way.

Look, here’s the deal.

A woman’s lower body should look like this:

If a woman’s lower body does not look like that, she’s a worthless piece of shit and should be sanctioned by the state.

Until we have a state that is willing to punish women for their appearance, the best thing you can do is show women that picture. You can text it to them and say “hit me back when you look like this, you dirty fat cunt.”