Aspiring Rapper Shot at Nightclub was Hitting on White Girl “In a Respectful Manner,” DA Says

I get that it’s illegal to kill black men for hitting on white women.

I don’t agree with that law, but I understand that is the law.

So, a murder took place.


Why is it the DA’s job to exonerate the sexual behaviors of the victim?

Business Insider:

A 22-year-old Black man was shot dead outside a nightclub in Oregon last month by a white man, after hitting on the man’s girlfriend in a “respectful” manner, according to the local district attorney.

Barry Washington Jr. was fatally shot outside The Capitol nightclub in Bend, Oregon, at 12:11 a.m. on September 19, according to the Bend Bulletin.

Ian Mackenzie Cranston, 27, was arrested on September 30 after a Deschutes County grand jury indicted him on six charges connected to Washington’s killing, including second-degree murder, first-degree manslaughter, second-degree manslaughter, first-degree assault, and two counts of unlawful use of a deadly weapon.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel told KTVZ that prior to the shooting, Washington had hit on Cranston’s girlfriend and Cranston was “not happy” about it.

Washington “complimented her in a respectful manner,” Hummel said. “She said, ‘No, thank you. I’m flattered but I’m in a relationship.'”

Cranston then started having “some words” with Washington, which escalated to violence, Hummel said.

“There was some pushing, some jostling, some punches thrown, but then it calmed down. It was not going to get out of hand.

“Then Mr. Cranston pulled a gun out of his waistband and shot and killed Mr. Washington,” Hummel said.

Hummel suggested that the incident could be part of a dark history of Black men being lynched for hitting on white women.

We all know what he said: “dayum, gurlll. You lookin’ fine as a muffugguh.”

But whether that is respectful or disrespectful is totally inconsequential to this case.

But here’s the real issue – this “some pushing, some jostling, some punches thrown” doesn’t appear to have had a “calmed down” between it and the shooting.

This is the alleged video of the event (which appears to be shot by Cranston’s GF, who turned the video on because the good boy was going ape):

It looks like the good boy attacked the white man and his girlfriend, and that is when the shot goes off.

This is more than likely just another complete and total hoax, where the white shot ONLY in self-defense.

Check the mug shot:

Looks like he’s got a black eye!

Of course, that would be based on the claim that there was some fist-fighting that “calmed down” before Cranston came back for revenge.

But the original charge was manslaughter before the DA demanded it be enhanced to murder. Manslaughter is a standard charge if there is some confusion about whether or not a shooting was justified in the middle of a fighting situation. That is to say – when it’s not fully obvious that shooting was the only remaining option (obviously, if a woman slaps you in the face and you pull out a gun and shoot her, it’s probably not “justified homicide” – there has to be a significant threat to life, which is not always evident in a homicide). It could also be brought as a charge when “self-defense” is accepted, but there are questions about maybe if the deceased was provoked, or if the gun was legal, or some other technicality.

But to me, this situation looks very suspiciously like “mutual combat.”

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From what I’ve seen, this is the kind of situation where the initial charge of “manslaughter” would more likely end in a plea deal to a weapons charge and an 18-month sentence.

Who is this DA John Hummel?

Pretty suspicious German ethnic name you’ve got there, bud.

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But let’s give them that it was a murder for a minute, and just consider the dynamics of this narrative.

Regardless of the reasons he didn’t Anglicize that surname he’s got on him, if you search his name, all you get is a bunch of articles about this case, and how he’s saying it’s like a lynching because what would in any non-racial context be universally condemned as “sexual harassment” and “patriarchal male violence” is in this case “respectfulness.”

Here’s an article from the enlightened Jew Leora Tanenbaum:

Just search “compliment sexual harassment.” This is well established by Jews. There is no such thing as “respectfully” “hitting on” a woman in current year.

Unless you’re black.

And the woman is white.

(And even the racial dynamics are dependent on circumstances – remember the skank who rape-hoaxed Kobe Bryant was white, and when he died a year ago the media said they were glad because he was a rapist, despite the fact it was proved to be a hoax.)

This case stirred up literal BLM protesters – most of them white, of course. The one black guy at the event is probably his dad, involved in his son’s life for the first time because he’s trying to sniff out a payout on this “racism” business.

One of the protesters held a sign that claimed “Barry should be Alivc.”

What is Alivc? Some new vaccine? Is this some Antifa cross-protest, where they attack whites and support vaccines at the same time?

Ohhh. It’s “alive” spelled wrong – maybe the marker ran out.

Oh wow, surely no one thinks he should be alive.


They are writing “Money B” on his memorials.

“The world would be a better place if Money B was still alive” is a statement on par with “the coronavirus vaccine is safe and effective.”

In a news report from last month, his mom said that she and Money B moved to Oregon from “The Bay Area” because they were “just tryin’ ta get away from drama” and “you know, follow up with his music career.”

These leftists are just turning themselves into a total joke that no one can even pretend to take seriously.

If you go through the social media stuff on it, it’s almost all whites complaining.

This is really nuts.

The one black is a white-washed bitch (probably adopted) who apparently got popular on TikTok for promoting K-Pop.

Anyway – here’s a thought experiment:

  • How many black men are killed outside of bars every year because of “nigga, I done seen you is did been talkin at my bitch, muffugghah”?
  • How many of those stories make national news?

The answers are of course “at least 1,000” and “0,” respectively.

We need to do the Stephen King plan, frankly.

If we did the King Operation, and reported every black-on-black crime to the same extent that we report on crimes involving whites, we would have a situation where the public would say “but blacks do this to themselves at least three times a day in America tho?”

Putting this story at the top of the media, and making it a story of “white supremacy in action,” involving Black Lives Matter – this is actually crossing a milestone.

When it was “white cops are killing black criminals,” that wasn’t really true, and complaining about it didn’t make any sense, but it was at least something where they could talk about “institutional power dynamics” or whatever. If a working class white guy shoots a working class black guy outside of a bar over a woman, and that is a racist outrage, then you’ve entered into a situation where you’ve dropped this “power dynamics” narrative and you’re just talking purely about race as the determining factor in every human interaction.

Of course, we’ve already been going in that direction for 18 months, but the case is nonetheless interesting.

More interesting than the media coverage is that there is clear evidence that it was self-defense, and plenty enough evidence that it wasn’t “murder,” and yet the state is going along with that.

But here’s the thing: the only way the state can get away with this is with the support of the media, and with people on TikTok saying this was a “classic lynching.”