Asking for It: High School Photo Reveals Gabby Petito had Extreme Bitch Face from an Early Age

I wonder if Gabby Petito stories really are popular, or if the media themselves are just obsessed with this kind of scandal?

Regardless, I completely agree with Stephen King: every time a black person is murdered, it should receive as much coverage as Gabby Petito. Literally, every single murder should get this much coverage. Every time a black person is shot in Chicago or Atlanta or Minneapolis, it should be wall-to-wall news coverage.

I literally support that.

Anyway, it’s a top news story today that the tabloids found Gabby and Brian’s yearbook photos.

Poor, poor Brian.

He spent years having his soul squeezed by this cunt.

But at least she’s finally gone.

He must feel relieved.

I personally feel a lot safer knowing she’s dead.

I truly hope that when this goes to trial, Brian gets a crack team of lawyers to argue that there was an anti-white conspiracy by black cops to frame him for killing her, and he gets off free.

What whites need to unify our people is a Great White OJ Simpson Trial.

Of course, my first hope is that Brian is never found. I hope he’s on some beach somewhere, chilling and drinking beach drinks with Latina hookers.

But Der Eternal Boomer is on his trail, hunting him, demanding that he pay for what he allegedly did to this pure Aryan Princess (good girl).

I want to write a Marxist apologetic explaining that it was morally justified for Brian to kill Gabby based on the oppressive nature of an imbalance of power dynamics. I’ve been thinking about that for like a week. But in order for it to be funny, I would have to go refresh on the Marxist terminology.

You don’t really even hear old school Marxist terminology anymore.

New school Marxists all just work for the Democrat Party and call everyone a fascist and try to force vax them.

If someone was actually trying to do a literal Marxist analysis of modern society, defining the terms as they were laid out in the 19th century, they would basically have to conclude that men do have a right to kill women. I’m literally not even joking. This level of “dynamic power imbalance” created by feminism is more extreme than any other form of oppression ever in history.

I would rather be a slave in ancient Babylon or an untouchable in pre-colonial India than Gabby Petito’s boyfriend.