Asked Whether He’ll Visit Elijah Cummings’ Pyramid Tomb, Donald Trump Chuckles and Says N-Word

Elijah Cummings recently died for a second time, which was considered by many to be a double tragedy.

However, when Donald Trump was asked if he would visit the pyramid tomb in Egypt where Cummings is to be laid to rest, the president giggled and said the n-word, before driving off in a big truck.

No, as you may have guessed, The Man did not say the n-word, despite my advice to the contrary.

But his response is still hilarious.

He’s just like “um, yeah – no.” Then he talks shit to that stupid bitch asking the question, telling her to take her gay mask off when she’s talking to an adult in real reality.

Trump’s doing well. This is his redemption arc.

On Sunday, the Trump Team called me and asked what they thought he should do about Elijah Lewis’ death. I said, “he should say the n-word and yeet on him.” I heard the woman who called say, “he says you should say the n-word and yeet.”

I could hear Trump in the background: “Yeet? No. No, I’m not going to yeet. I will consider saying the n-word. We’ve got many people wanting us to call Elijah the n-word and I think it’s a great idea.”

It’s probably better he didn’t say the n-word though, all things considered.

For those of you who are worried about the ascension of Elijah Cummings – don’t be.

If I’m just going to be frank with you, he showed up at my place last night to give me an anal probe.

After I called him the n-word, he said, “alright then, you funky ass cracka wanna be is do say that am words, for you gonna am have double down, what is.”

I was then given a double anal probe.

Don’t worry.

He feels your love.

The skies belong to him.

He truly was the greatest man who ever lived.