Asked About “Cops Killing Blacks” Hoax, Trump Says “White People” Five Times

President Donald Trump was asked Tuesday about the alleged killing of black people by the cops, and he responded by saying “white people” five times in a row. We like to hear him say “white people,” because no one ever says it as anything but a negative. He said it in the context of us being victims, which is something you really just can’t find anywhere.

CBS News’ Catherine Herridge, who is a dumb bitch with short hair, asked the President, “why are African Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement in this country?” Trump scolded the boyish trollop, “And so are white people, so are white people, what a terrible question to ask.”

“So are white people, more white people by the way, more white people,” Trump continued.

This is 6,000,000% factually accurate, by all accounts, including the Washington Post’s own running tally of the issue. In actual reality – meaning the things that are certain to have happened in the physical realm, just so we’re clear, as that term has apparently become confusing for some people – only ten unarmed blacks were killed by cops in 2019, and five of them had just attacked someone.

They play these statistics all kinds of magical ways, like mixing the armed and unarmed, doing per capita instead of per police encounter, and so on, but the truth is, if a white man gets into an encounter with a cop (something he is much less likely to do than a black man), he is more likely to be killed than if he were black.

Here’s an example of the kind of graph they post:

Notice that they make the black number the biggest by doing per capita, despite the fact that twice as many whites died. When you understand that blacks are about five times more likely to have interactions with the police, because they commit so many more crimes, you find that per capita per encounter, a white is more likely to be killed by a cop. Furthermore, those numbers are stupid and pointless, because almost all of those people from any race had weapons.

Moreover, a black cop is more likely to kill a black man than a white cop is to kill a black man.

Furthermore, if you’re not a criminal, you’re unlikely to even get into that kind of confrontation with a cop.

Basically, the bottom line is that getting killed by police is just not really that big of a problem. I am not a huge fan of the cops, but if you cooperate with them, do as you’re told, don’t run, don’t reach into your pockets, there is more or less zero chance you will be killed.

Ten unarmed blacks were killed by cops in all of 2019. 13 blacks were killed in Chicago last weekend.

Between 6,000 and 7,000 blacks are shot to death by other blacks every year, yet they want to burn down the country over ten guys killed by cops, because “black lives matter.” If it was actually about saving black lives, they would be talking about the thing that kills hundreds of times more blacks than the cops – other blacks.

George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose, unrelated to the cop’s behavior. I don’t think cops should stand on people’s necks, but that is something that the Jewish Anti-Defamation League needs to answer for, because they are the ones that bring in Israelis to train American cops to do that. Even if the cop had been responsible for George Floyd’s death, it would have been an isolated tragedy – not representative of some larger problem.

This entire thing is a hoax.

In the same interview, Trump defended the Confederate flag on free speech grounds, which is actually the more important thing in the interview in terms of real world effects.

He said that the people who go to NASCAR have a right to fly the flag if they want to, and it’s no one’s business.

This goes against the standard Republican position on free speech, which is that it is only infringed when the government does it. By denouncing NASCAR for taking away people’s flag rights, Trump is acknowledging that just as it is possible for someone other than the government to steal from you, kill you, or commit any crime against you, it is possible for someone other than the government to take away your freedom of speech.

Trump is on a roll now. It looks like he is really going to put up a fight.