Asiatic Lunatic Hangs Off the Side of Trump Tower in Chicago, Says He Loves BLM

On Sunday, an Asian Black Lives Matter supporter hung from Trump Tower in Chicago, and gave a speech about how he wants to talk to Donald Trump.

He had a knife, saying he would cut the rope if they tried to pull him up.

It was a really weird speech, in which no demands were made clear at all. It keeps getting deleted from sites, but here’s a copy as of writing time.

He is visibly Asian, but I’m just going to tell you point blank – that is a Russian accent. No Asians have that accent unless Russian is their first language. Meaning he is Kazakh, Uzbek, or one of the other Asian races that has Russian as a first language.

Donald Trump never went and talked to him, presumably because Donald Trump thought he was a pussy and a baby and didn’t care if he died and thought if he died it would be hilarious.

The media is releasing very few details, as you can see in this Chicago Tribune piece right here. But the situation was resolved, after the man hanged there for 12 hours, until he was pulled up at 5 AM.