Ashli Babbitt’s Family Sues for Name of Her Murderer as Congress Continues to Victim-Blame

It’s actually shocking that the media is referring to Ashli Babbitt as “a rioter.”

Assuming you could classify the Capitol Storm as a riot – which is debatable – she definitely was not rioting. She was protesting with a flag when she was murdered.


The family of Capitol rioter Ashli Babbitt is suing to force Washington, D.C., to hand over records revealing the identity of the police officer who fatally shot her during the Jan. 6 invasion.

The family is also demanding access to video footage of the shooting, witness statements and documents gathered during the Metropolitan Police Department’s investigation of the incident, according to the lawsuit.

The litigation is separate from a forthcoming lawsuit in which Babbitt’s family plans to demand “well above $10 million” from the U.S. Capitol Police, a lawyer for the family told CNBC.

The civil suit, filed last week in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, comes more than a month after the Department of Justice announced it would not pursue criminal charges against the Capitol police officer who fatally shot Babbitt.

Days after that mid-April decision was unveiled, Babbitt’s husband Aaron Babbitt filed a request for records from the MPD under the Freedom of Information Act, according to the lawsuit.

But the police department has “failed to comply” with the FOIA request, the lawsuit says, by missing a May 12 deadline to either provide the materials to Aaron Babbitt or notify him that he would not be given access to them.

A spokesman for the MPD declined CNBC’s request for a statement, saying that the department does not comment on pending litigation.

Babbitt family lawyer Terrell Roberts said in an email Tuesday that the purpose of the FOIA suit is to uncover the findings of the probe and the shooter’s identity.

Roberts also said that a yet-to-be-filed lawsuit, which will demand millions in recovery from losses, “does not hinge on the current FOIA action against DC’s police department.”

I hate to even say it, but: imagine if a black person had been killed by the cops and six months later the government was refusing to release the officer’s name.

That would not ever happen.

This is some hardcore police state business, this idea of a “secret killer.”

The government is arguing that the shooter did nothing wrong – but we all saw him rush into a room full of people and shoot an unarmed woman in the neck and then flee. This is surely much worse than George Floyd dying of a fentanyl overdose while being restrained for resisting arrest.

Meanwhile, Congress is still demonizing and attacking the protesters and refusing to acknowledge the indisputable fact that the crowd was waved into the Capitol by the cops.

The Guardian:

The deadly insurrection at the US Capitol was “planned in plain sight” but intelligence failures left police officers exposed to a violent mob of Trump supporters, a Senate investigation has found.

The Capitol police intelligence division had been gathering online data since December about plots to storm the building on 6 January, including messages such as: “Bring guns. It’s now or never.”

But a combination of bad communications, poor planning, faulty equipment and lack of leadership meant the warnings went unheeded, allowing the insurrectionists to overrun the Capitol and disrupt certification of Joe Biden’s election victory. Five people died.

Who were the other four people? 

Three people died of heart attacks or strokes – all fat Trump supporters who were in the heat of the moment (there was nothing malicious, they were just fat people who got worked up and died).

The fourth was Brian Sicknick, who the sickening Jew media is continuing to say died because he was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher, despite it being admitted that this is a lie. He died days after the event for unrelated reasons, according to his family.

The bipartisan investigation does not examine the causes of the riot, assess whether Donald Trump incited it by calling for his supporters to “fight like hell”, or even use the term “insurrection”.

On the Senate floor on Tuesday, Democratic majority leader Chuck Schumer said: “Just as glaring is what the report didn’t consider. Indeed, what it was not allowed to consider. The report did not investigate, report on, or hardly make any reference to the actual cause – the actual impetus – for the attack on 6 January.”

But the senators do paint a portrait of bureaucratic flaws that left Capitol police scrambling to protect members of Congress and Vice-President Mike Pence. They also highlight the failure of the FBI to collect information on domestic extremists, despite a wealth of evidence on social media.

Gary Peters, Democratic chairman of the Senate homeland security committee, told reporters: “There were significant, widespread and unacceptable breakdowns in the intelligence gathering … The failure to adequately assess the threat of violence on that day contributed significantly to the breach of the Capitol. The attack was, quite frankly, planned in plain sight.”

The 127-page report by the homeland security and rules committees found that Capitol police became aware in December of detailed threats to the heart of American democracy.

“Through open-source collection, tips from the public and other sources, [the intelligence division] knew about social media posts calling for violence at the Capitol on 6 January, including a plot to breach the Capitol, the online sharing of maps of the Capitol complex’s tunnel systems, and other specific threats of violence,” the report says.

The division compiled online comments including: “Bring guns. It’s now or never”; “If a million patriots show up bristling with AR’s, just how brave do you think they’ll be when it comes to enforcing their unconstitutional laws? Don’t cuck out. This is do or die. Bring your guns”; and “Surround every building with a tunnel entrance/exit. They better dig a tunnel all the way to China if they want to escape.”

So they were posting that they were going to bring guns – but no one brought guns and the only person that died was an unarmed woman shot in the neck by a cop.

This is a farce.

Talking about this as an “attack” and even more remarkably, an “insurrection,” while everyone is totally aware – we’ve all seen the video – of the fact that the cops waved people in is just completely nuts.

They opened the grounds to them:

Then they opened the doors of the building itself and invited them in:

Contrasting the government’s obsession with the protest with the fact that they are openly and publicly covering up a murder by the cops shows where we are now.

We are living in a total police state.