Ashli Babbitt Killed by Pence’s Secret Service Goons, Sources Allege, As Trump Finally Says Her Name

I can believe it was Traitor Mike Pence’s Death Squad that murdered Ashli.

The Spectator:

Who shot Ashli Babbitt, the pro-Trump Air Force veteran who was killed by police during the January 6 riot at the US Capitol building? The American people were told that it was a Capitol Police officer who fired the fatal shot. But Cockburn has stumbled across some information that points to a different explanation.

Sources close to and within the intelligence community tell Cockburn that Babbitt was actually shot by a member of then-vice president Mike Pence’s protective detail. The VP’s detail, of course, is provided by US Secret Service, not the Capitol Police. One person asserted to Cockburn over drinks in DC that this is ‘basically an open secret’ in the intelligence community.

Law enforcement sources suggested to Cockburn that the Capitol Police Department and Department of Justice have publicly identified the shooter as a Capitol Police officer in order to protect the reputation of the Secret Service. Cockburn also wonders if this isn’t an attempt to protect Pence from further anger or threats from Capitol rioters who wanted him to refuse to certify the results of the election on January 6.

A cover-up of this nature would also explain why the government hasn’t been forthcoming with other information about the alleged Capitol Police officer who they say shot Babbitt. Police officers who are involved in shootings are almost always identified publicly. The unnamed officer’s lawyer says that his client is being kept anonymous due to threats against his life. Babbitt’s family, however, argues that they have a right to know who shot and killed their beloved relative. Her husband, Aaron Babbitt, is suing Washington DC for access to records that would supposedly reveal the name of the officer.

Michael Brendan Dougherty floated the idea that Babbitt was shot by Secret Service on his Twitter account in early June, writing in response to Aaron Babbitt’s lawsuit, ‘I mean, at this point you have to suspect that it’s not a Capitol cop.’ He replied ‘SS’ when asked who he thought could have been responsible instead.

This follows logically.

Pence puts on this facade of being just a tediously dull company man and shill – but we can imagine that behind that he is a stone cold satanic killer and pizza fanatic.

It also follows logically that after this was in the news, Donald Trump, who appears to be about as confused as Joe Biden at this point, came out and finally said Ashli Babbitt’s name.

The day after the Pence news broke, Trump posted the following very simple statement:

If Trump is going to be any use at all, it is going to be by the fact that he is so self-absorbed and obsessed with revenge.

If Trump starts adding “Pence ordered the execution of Ashli Babbitt” to his speeches, he will, for the first time since January 6, be doing something that helps America.