As Yellow Vest Protests Began Last Month, Macron Ordered Nuclear Power Plants Shut Down

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2018

Here’s an interesting fact that many missed when it happened: at the end of November, just as the Yellow Vests were really starting to get things heated up on the streets of France, the “Weather Crusader” Emmanuel Macron ordered a bunch of French nuclear power plants shut down.

The Independent:

French President Emmanuel Macron has said the country will move more slowly than promised to cap the amount of energy it derives from nuclear energy.

Amid daily protests about high energy prices, Mr Macron said France will shut down 14 nuclear reactors by 2035 out of 58 now in order.

He said France would cap the amount of electricity it derives from nuclear plants at 50 per cent by 2035, which is a delay compared with the goal of 2025 set by his predecessor Francois Hollande.

France depends more on nuclear energy than any other country, getting about three-quarters of its electricity from its 19 nuclear plants.

The French leader promised to develop renewable energy instead, saying his priority is weaning France’s economy from fuel that contributes to global warming.

This is fascinating, because as you may not know, nuclear energy is a “green” energy in that it does not produce CO2.

That isn’t smoke that comes out of those giant chimneys – it’s just steam.

In actual fact, you could have a virtually CO2-free society if you used nuclear power in conjunction with electric cars. The only remaining major CO2 producer would be jet engines, and if you really wanted to go full-futurism, you could replace the overwhelming majority of air-travel with high speed trains.

China is actually talking about connecting the US and China via train.

Nuclear power and a global rail system would be a real and attainable goal, which one would presumably be working towards if they really thought that seas were about to rise and bury us all under water.

Nuclear energy is largely safe, especially if you don’t live on a fault line like the Japanese. France has been using nuclear power as their primary energy source for decades and has never had any problem. But even if it weren’t safe, you’d certainly imagine it is preferable to being buried underwater in the global apocalypse scenario that global warming activists are predicting.

Shutting down working nuclear power plants in the middle of a gigantic push to cut “fossil fuel” energy sources makes it look like there is just a general push to shut down energy production itself.

It also makes the claims of impending doom seem extremely disingeneous and outright absurd.

The French Should be Talking About This

I don’t know how much the French are talking about this, because the French don’t speak English and I don’t speak French so there is something of a barrier between what is going on there and what is going on on the normal internet.

But if I was French, I would be making Macron’s move to shut down nuclear power a primary talking point. Because it proves, absolutely, that the gasoline tax is meant to do violence against the French people, with the “global warming” pseudoscience merely being used as an excuse for this act.

Furthermore, by doing this violence to the French people, Macron is attempting to set a standard of violence to be done to the rest of the world through these vicious new taxes and other austerity measures and general social-engineering programs.

Macron is making an argument to the internationalists that he is worthy of a global leadership position, he is abusing the French people in order to impress this international clique of rootless cosmopolitans.

Announcing a shutdown of nuclear power in the middle of an uprising against gasoline taxes is the epitome of audacious disdain for the people, and it was clearly intended to send a signal to his globalist masters that he has no problem pissing in the faces of the people and telling them it is raining.