As Trump is Under Siege, NATO Moves More Troops and Weapons to the Russian Border

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2017

It is not a mystery that Trump wants to ally with Russia and wants to defund NATO. He campaigned on this, and this was one of the main reasons intelligent, educated people supported his Presidency (domestic issues are no less important, but the looming threat of a third world war was not in the minds of the working classes quite as much as immigration and jobs).

Right now, NATO is making big moves to escalate the manufactured conflict between the West and Russia.

What this looks like is that NATO is considering provoking Russia while Trump is in the midst of the fake news scandal about Russia.


Scores of tanks, self-propelled artillery guns and other military hardware have started to arrive in Estonia from the UK and Germany, in what the UK defense minister has called the largest deployment in Eastern Europe since the Cold War. The first of hundreds of UK military vehicles have arrived in Estonia on Wednesday, delivered by a ferry from ports in Britain and Germany, the UK Ministry of Defence reported.

The heavy military equipment – Challenger 2 tanks, Terrier, Titan and Trojan armored battlefield engineer vehicles as well as Warrior infantry fighting vehicles – will be moved from an Estonian port to a military base in Tapa, the ministry statement said.


Britain and Germany are massing troops and heavy weapons on the Russian border.

The delivery is aimed to support a British battle group in the eastern European country, it added, emphasizing that it’s “one of the largest ever NATO deployments” to the region.

“This is the start of one of the biggest deployment in Eastern Europe since the Cold War,” UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has said, adding that by the end of April there will be “800 British troops, with armor, with tanks” in Estonia, close to Russia’s borders.

NATO has justified the arrival of the vehicles, which follow a deployment of over a hundred British military personnel to Estonia, by boosting security in the region against hypothetical “Russian aggression.”

American, French and German troops have already arrived to Estonia within NATO’s international battalions, Interfax reported, citing the local Postimees newspaper. By the end of next month, some 1,650 international troops are expected to be present at the Tapa and Amari military bases, with the latter to host NATO’s air forces from Germany.

The buildup is part of a large NATO mission to deploy four multinational battalions in the Baltics, agreed by the military alliance last year. Moscow has repeatedly criticized the move, saying NATO’s eastward expansion on the Russian border with the expected 4,000 troops plus tanks, armored vehicles, air support and high-tech intelligence centers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland will only undermine the security balance on the continent.

Trump’s hands are tied to stop this because they’re saying he’s a Russian shill.

In this context, the fake news narrative makes even more sense. If they can’t impeach him, they can keep him from working with Russia by claiming he’s a Kremlin stooge, as they escalate tensions.

It’s like a woman accusing you of being a homosexual because you spend more time with your friends than with her. In reality, you just prefer male company because it’s more enjoyable. But the lie undermines your true motives, and the further you protest, the more guilty you look.

Insanity of Protecting Estonia

I don’t think Russia is planning to invade Estonia. I have in fact seen absolutely no argument to support this theory, at all.

However, what if they were?

Would that be worth having a nuclear war over?

Because that is what NATO is saying to us: that we have to have a nuclear war to protect Estonian border integrity.

The background here is that NATO was founded during the Cold War, when the world was split between East and West.

A 1980 map of allegiances

In that situation, any incursion onto Western territory was effectively an invasion of the entire West.

That is to say, yes, it made sense that a Soviet Invasion of West Germany or the UK was a conflict the US would automatically commit itself to. NATO made sense.

However, after the fall of communism and the break-up of the USSR, NATO did not dissolve. Instead, it expanded.

A 2017 map of NATO countries

So now you have a situation where territories (now newly minted nation-states) who have been a part of the Russian empire for centuries – the Baltic countries in particular – are under this universal defense pact of NATO.

A map of the Russian Empire, 1500-1800

Of course, after the fall of the USSR, NATO agreed not to expand into former states, then went ahead and did so anyway.

Beyond the fact that Russia used to own this property relatively recently and for a very long time before that, the geopolitical dynamics are totally different since the fall of the USSR.

Russia is not threatening to “bury us” in the way the leaders of the USSR did. In fact, they are an open country, open to both trade and military alliances with Western nations.

Beyond that, Russia doesn’t pose any actual threat to the West on any other level, and that doesn’t change with whether or not they control Estonia.

Furthermore, the material need for wars in the modern era has largely disappeared. Wars used to be fought over resources, and that just isn’t necessary at this point in history, due to modern production methods. Sure, there are still resources to be gained, but they are not worth going to war over – especially given that war is ensured to be so much more devastating now than it was in previous eras.

Basically, after the fall of communism, the Jews planned to create a global government with the US as its figurehead.

The problem was, Russia wasn’t interested. And they found a guy who was willing to stand up and say “no.”

Vladimir I

To deal with this hurdle, the Jews planned to use NATO to encroach upon Russia to the point where it was encircled it and they just had to surrender.

That is why they rushed in to make all of these former Soviet States members.

A map of the expansion of NATO, 1949-2009

When they hit a wall, they had a color revolution – the “Rose Revolution” – in Georgia in 2003, followed up by a manufactured military conflict in 2008.


They had an “Orange Revolution” in the Ukraine in 2005, but that failed. So in 2013, they funded a coup to overthrow the pro-Russian elected government.


They have also had elements of budding color revolution inside of Russia itself. This is what the whole Pussy Riot debacle was about – funding a group of degenerates to great a spectacle which was intended to cause social conflict within the country. However, the Russian people have continually rejected this, and George Soros’ organizations have now been entirely banned from the country.

Moral Rights?

If we’re talking about the morality of war, then it’s plainly obvious Russia is in the right in every situation since the fall of the USSR. They have continually tried to be cool, but the West has just kept poking and prodding them.

But I’m not really interested in the morality of war, as I find it to be a ridiculous concept.

What I am interested in is my own pro-Western agenda. I could not care less about the “morality” of how this is accomplished.

My agenda favors Russia, because Russia is the last bastion of true White/European/Western values (or Christian values, if you prefer, though the concept is technically broader than the Christian religion). And it is those values that hold-up the nation, that keep it from collapsing under the pressure of the NATO/Jew assault.

Russia has rejected the concept of multiculturalism, they have rejected feminism, they have rejected atheism, they have rejected homosexualism.

As such, I side with Russia.

And it makes very much sense why Donald Trump has continually sided with Russia: they represent identical social and cultural movements.

So, the “Russian connections” between Trump and Russia were bound to exist, given this ideological relationship. It makes sense Trump hired Manafort, who had worked for Russian-associated persons. It makes sense that he hired General Flynn, who is extremely pro-Russia. It makes sense that he spoke highly of Russia and Putin, and dismissed fake news propaganda about them.

It also makes sense that Russia and Putin reciprocated.

None of this amounts to a conspiracy or anything resembling a conspiracy.

However, when you consider it in context, it is obvious why the Jews are trying to frame it that way, and what their end game is.

If the Russian investigation collapses – which based on events in the last 24 hours, is looking like a strong possibility – then the NATO war plan collapses, the entire house of cards comes down, and Trump can open the first good-faith talks with Russia since the abdication of Czar Nicolas, he can tell NATO to go jump, and the whole world can be back on the road to glory.

Fingers crossed.