As Predicted, AR-15 Retard is Attacked by Antifa, Kills Two – Called a “White Supremacist Terrorist”

UPDATE: Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse has been charged with first degree murder after fleeing the state.

As I predicted about twelve hours before it happened, one of the AR-15 wielding “citizen defense” retards has shot and killed two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and is being widely condemned as a terrorist.

What appears to have happened is this: a white Antifa chased down an “armed citizen,” a 17-year-old with an AR-15 who had come in from out of town to “defend businesses.” The Antifa threw a molotov cocktail at him as he was running, so he turned around and shot. After the first Antifa was shot, he was chased by others (also apparently white), two of whom he shot after he’d fallen to the ground. Two of the three who were shot are now dead, and the third had his arm blown off.

After the shooting, the shooter walked toward the cops, who were riding down the street in trucks, and turned himself in. Conflicting reports say that he just walked past the police and still hasn’t been arrested (which will make things way, way worse if true).

It’s basically the worst imaginable situation.

There is still a significant fog of war surrounding the situation this morning in the media. Though the shooter has been (probably) positively identified online, the media is not naming him and is being very cagey about describing the videos. Twitter, of course, made up their mind immediately.

The Scene

Let’s go through the videos first. There is a good amount of video.

First shooting

The event that apparently started the situation had the shooter, who wore a green shirt, running from Antifa. They threw a molotov cocktail at him. It looks like he then turned around and started shooting as the Antifa continued to chase after him. It’s not clear why he was running.

This clip shows a different angle of the first shooting and immediate aftermath.

You can see the green shirt person, who later shoots two in the street going over to the man who was shot.

Here’s a possibly helpful series of clips attempting to reconstruct the first shooting, showing events that happened before it and tracking it in reverse order.

Second Shooting

This is the clearest clip of the second shooting. This shooting arguably was clear self-defense.

This clip has several angles of the second shooting, and then shows video of the shooter before the shootings.

As I said in my warning yesterday, it is extremely difficult to run while carrying an AR-15. Being a little fatboy doesn’t help.

There are a couple of good still shots of the second shooting.

This shows the fat kid being kicked in the head, and someone running up on him with a skateboard. This is probably after a shot has been fired, though I honestly still can’t tell.

Then this is after the shooting has ceased. When the attackers back off and put their hands up, the fat kid stops shooting.

Total side note: the way he was able to shoot two and then stop shooting immediately after the attackers backed off and put their hands up actually showed better discipline than most cops involved in these types of situations, proving once again that a generation of kids raised on video games will be better at handling these kinds of situations than those trained as adults. (Hey, we gotta look at the positives here, right? And that is a major positive. Because I will tell you this: we’ve all got a lot of violence in our futures, and we need to know that the gamer race will be triumphant.)

One of the attackers in the street had a gun.

He might have a good case if it was only the second shooting, but the first shooting (assuming the analysis of the video is correct and he’s the one that shot) is not really going to be something he can defend. Being on private property to defend someone else’s property is not something you can justify in a court.

Mainstream Media This Morning

Let’s look at the basic narrative of the mainstream media, circa 10:30 AM EST, before diving into the narrative being formed on Twitter.


Two people were killed and a third was seriously wounded in a shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, late Tuesday during the third night of protests over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, police said.

Officers responded to reports of multiple gunshot victims around 11:45 p.m. Tuesday, the Kenosha Police Department said in a news release early Wednesday.

The person injured was taken to the hospital with “serious, but non-life threatening injuries,” police said.

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing and the names and ages of the victims are still being determined, according to the release.

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth told The New York Times his office is investigating whether the shooting resulted from a conflict between demonstrators and a group of men with weapons who were protecting businesses.

CNN has reached out to the Kenosha Police Department and the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office.

That’s all they’re saying right now, but the narrative will begin to form throughout the day, and by tomorrow, we’ll know what they’re going with.

This ominous tweet from Jake Tapper bridges the gap between the mainstream media and the Twittersphere.

The local news article that he links does not add any information to the above quoted CNN piece, other than that the police say they are working with the FBI in the investigation. The FBI is certainly taking the lead on this, and it will be the Justice Department that brings high-profile charges to the kid.

Here’s the first viral CNN piece analyzing the event from this morning.

On Twitter

The Twitter narrative is exactly what everyone knew it would be when this inevitably happened: the kid, allegedly identified as 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, is a “white supremacist domestic terrorist.”

It goes on and on and on.

There is precisely zero chance that this isn’t going to do what I said: it will lead to the media totally defining the event as “white supremacist terrorism.” It will lead to these groups all being swooped by the feds. It will immediately heighten demands for gun control.

Most importantly, it puts Donald Trump in an extremely difficult place, where he’s going to have to deal with demands to condemn white people and take their guns in these weeks leading up to the election.

It is precisely what was meant to happen with these events. It was what was planned out. Joe and Kamala are going to put this right up at the front of their campaign, and it is very unlikely that Donald Trump will deal with it properly.

Furthermore, this gives all of these people reason to start killing us. Though to be honest, that was going to happen either way. It’s just going to start happening sooner now.

The Conservative Response

Initially, from conservatives, we’re seeing a lot of “fuck around and find out” memes.

Many mainstream conservatives are taking the same position.

From 30,000 feet, it is much better if conservatives take the position of supporting the kid than if they throw him under the bus like they did with James Fields.

If conservatives do support him, that leads to polarization and a solidifying of the position that these people are at war with us. It will cause people to begin to take the situation seriously.

Of course, the reasons that I don’t support him are not that I think it is wrong to kill these people; I’ve said from the beginning that I think the cops should just mow them down, Tiananmen Square style. My problem is the issues I outlined yesterday: these people played directly into the hands of the media and the Democrats in order to create a situation that is favorable to the enemy.

The average conservative won’t understand all of that, and it is much better for the cultural moment we are in if they simply say, “they had it coming!”

My Prediction of This Less Than 12 Hours Before It Happened

Fewer than 12 hours before this happened, I wrote an article entitled “‘Citizen Defense’ AR-15 Retards from Facebook are Out in Kenosha.”

Let me just tell you this: although it feels a little bit eerie even to me, this is not some supernatural gift that I have. What is happening is that I am seeing all of what is happening right now very clearly by simply analyzing it and drawing conclusions. Apparently, some others are not seeing it clearly. It was obvious to me what was going to happen with these AR-15 morons. If it was not obvious to you what was going to happen, and you read my article on Tuesday without nodding along that it was obvious, then I will say this: you might want to look at the way I “predicted” this and consider trusting me and taking my advice.

I do not want to sound in any way haughty, but a lot of people were telling me that the coronavirus was going to be a deadly super-doom virus when I said it was just the flu. I was right about that. Then people were telling me that the lockdown measures were going to go away soon, when I was predicting an indefinite lockdown. I was right about that.

Basically, I’ve been right about everything, even while I am the only person saying these things. I do not know why exactly that is. I am not receiving visions. It is all just obvious to me when looking at the dynamics of these situations. It feels to me like it should be obvious to everyone else, but it is also obvious to me that it isn’t obvious to everyone else.

So, please: take what I am saying seriously when I tell you what is going to happen next. I do see this all clearly. I can see it unfolding before me, playing out along a planned path.

Take what I am saying seriously.

First and foremost: get out of the cities.

We will have updates on this situation soon as more information comes in.

This article has been updated to add more information about the events.