Syria: As Jews Use Passenger Jet as Human Shield, Guardian is Concerned About Russians Still Not Believing the Gas Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2020

Sure, some of the Syrian atrocities are just media hoaxes, but a lot of them are totally real.

As we reported earlier today, the Jews used a passenger plane while bombing Damascus on Thursday in an event that also likely killed civilians. The Jews regularly wait for a passenger plane to be going by before they start bombing Syria, as this prevents the Syrians from being able to shoot down the missiles before they strike.

The only people talking about this are the Russians and a few Arabs. It has only been reported by the Russian and Arab media at time of writing.

The Jews bomb Syria constantly in order to kill Syrian officials and military personnel. The media does not bother to report this.

Meanwhile, I pull up the Guardian this morning, and what is the top non-Coronavirus related story?

Something something RUSSIA CHEMICAL ATTACK.

This goes back the the Syrian gas hoax (not 2017’s GAS BABY MEME, but rather the second one which was even dumber). Because no one believed GAS BABY MEME, for the second version of “YEAH ASSAD IS WINNING THE WAR BUT FOR SOME REASON HE’S JUST RANDOMLY GASSING HIS OWN PEOPLE, IT’S PURE EVIL,” they actually backed up their fake atrocity video that was filmed using actors with a hoaxed UN investigation that faked evidence of a gassing.

The Guardian:

A Russia-led campaign that claimed the UN weapons watchdog had manipulated evidence of a Syrian government chemical weapons attack has been dealt a blow by an official inquiry showing that two former employees hailed as whistleblowers had little direct access to the evidence and inflated their role.

The independent inquiry commissioned by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) shows that one of the two had never been on the team investigating the April 2018 attack in Douma and the other was only on the team for a brief period.

Both individuals, referred to in the report as Inspector A and B, may face legal action.

More than 40 people were killed on 7 April 2018 in the town of Douma on the outskirts of Damascus. The town was at the time held by rebels but besieged by pro-government forces. Civilians claimed they were the victims of a chemical weapon attack.

Let me simplify this for you:

  • The UN claimed that they had evidence of a chemical attack
  • Two inspectors from the UN said the UN was lying and falsified evidence
  • The UN investigated itself and said that it was not lying and that actually the whistleblowers were lying
  • The UN is trying to prosecute the whistleblowers
  • The Guardian (and all other Western media) is taking the claims of the UN at face value and sees no problem with prosecuting whistleblowers

None of this is even related to Russia. Russia is an ally of Syria, and Russia has held that the UN investigation of the Douma gassing was fake, and so they pointed to the fact that two whistleblowers from the UN came out and said it was fake.

There is zero reason that the word “Russia” should be in that headline, but the Guardian article virtually implies, without directly stating it, that the whistleblowers were agents of Russia.

What the fact that they’re reporting on this and not on the Jewish bombings and human shields proves is that they do not actually care about any of this “human rights” bullshit that they promote as the most important thing in the universe.

All of this stuff is just lies to try to emotionally manipulate the stupid public into thinking the evil Jew governments of the West are morally good.

Because even if you believe all of this retarded atrocity propaganda, you cannot explain why it is that so many actual atrocities are ignored. Unless it is simply that atrocities are an easy way to get stupid people to go along with stupid and violent agendas.

Next they’ll claim that Assad and Russia are running through babies with pitchforks and throwing them in the river, like the Irish did.

Or that they’re crucifying people, like the Germans did.

Or that there’s a laboratory in Damascus with a Wall of Eyes.