As Institutionalized Incompetence Grows, Biden is a Figure for the Transition Into a New World Order

As you may have noticed, I’m very concerned with understanding what is going on here on Planet Earth. I’ve worked through most of it, but there are still some questions where you just kind of hit a wall. Because of restrictions on information, you just can’t get to the bottom of it.

The question of the day is this: are the US intelligence agencies and the Democrat Party totally moronic, or is there is an underlying plan of action?

I have come to the tentative conclusion that the American government bureaucracy has more or less stopped working correctly, and that other forces outside of Washington, DC are now making the big decisions.

What we do know is that the coronavirus hoax was executed perfectly, globally.

However, who did the coronavirus hoax?

Well, we can see that it was done by:

  • Bill Gates
  • Anthony Fauci (a grant beneficiary and de facto employee of Bill Gates)
  • The World Health Organization (UN)
  • The visible European Union Bureaucracy
  • The medical industrial complex
  • The tech industry
  • World Economic Forum (Actually sort of claimed responsibility)

And of course you have the media, but that is just a nonstop blaring noise machine spouting whatever buzzwords. These buzzwords are determined at Davos just as much as they’re determined by the State Department.

There is no visible element of any intelligence agency, let alone the Democrat Party, being involved in executing this operation. Presumably, intelligence would have been involved in the planting of the virus in China, but that would be the extent of it.

It appears to me obvious that the collective “deep state,” including the Democrat Party, have more or less totally collapsed in on themselves due to bloating, nepotism, Judaism, Chinese spies, homosexual vendettas, and of course, affirmative action.

“These People in Washington”

Briefly, it is worth going over what the “deep state” or “the swamp” or whatever you want to call the Washington establishment actually is.

If you look at the last three or four decades, you’ve had a really pretty small group of people running Washington. If you just start with George H.W. Bush being the Director of the CIA, then Vice President, then President, you’ve got a pretty clear picture of from whence this current machine emerged. Bill Clinton then took over. He’s a personal friend of the Bushes.

Dick Cheney went to Yale, was a Nixon advisor, was Gerald Ford’s White House chief of staff, and was then Vice President to the younger George Bush. His daughter is now a top Republican. John Kerry ran against Bush, and they were both from Skull and Bones at Yale, which is a CIA freemasonic secret society. John Podesta was running the campaign for Hillary Clinton, he’s former chief of staff for her husband, and also an Obama advisor – big pizza fan. David Brock, homosexual Clinton operative, founder of Media Matters, ex-lover of the owner of Comet Ping Pong. John McCain, from a famous military family, was a Viet Cong snitch, and took Barry Goldwaters’ Arizona Senate seat in 1987.

This all just goes circular with these people, all of these connections.

It’s the same situation with all of these intelligence and bureaucracy people who are in their sixties and seventies who have been hanging around since the 70s, it’s just less public. Or it had been, before 2016, when MSNBC started bringing on CIA people as “intelligence experts.” You had new people coming in with the neocons, who were actually all the children of former communists, and they were all Jewish. But everyone ended up getting along, as new elites merged with the existing establishment.

You can find all of these endless connections on, just by reading these people’s bios. It’s not a secret, it’s just that no one talks about it because the media doesn’t talk about it. I think everyone kind of understands it. There is a clearly delineated “Washington Establishment” that was and remains totally entrenched.

Hillary was supposed to be president, by running against yet another Bush.

But Hillary, and the Obama people, and the entire bureaucracy, dropped the ball.

It makes sense: the swamp people got really comfortable, really mediocre, and really out of touch, then a charismatic game show host ran against them as a gag and there was no auto response for that. They totally bungled this idiotic thing with Trump having hookers urinate on a bed. Obama and his blacks, along with James Clapper, John Brennen, Rod Rosenstein, and most of all James Comey – they just got caught slippin’.

Moving On

What we’ve witnessed is a transition, where now the global management is being done primarily by billionaire oligarchs and private corporations, along with the Europeans and the various tentacles of the United Nations.

As I wrote recently, Donald Trump getting elected was an absolute system failure, and it could be why the coronavirus hoax was triggered.

Certainly, this coronavirus hoax was planned meticulously, and it was not planned by US intelligence. The US government had to bring in a man selected by Bill Gates to run the show. This further explains why Gates is going on TV and just giving out orders like he’s in charge of the country. The government isn’t standing up and saying “look, we’re the government – you can’t just put out public service announcements claiming that you’re now directing a global government.”

Just think for a second: have you ever heard Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris or Chuck Schumer mention Bill Gates? I don’t think you have. I haven’t. That’s weird, no?

“Look, he’s the new branch manager, but he’s not your boss, so just ignore him.”

The coronavirus hoax was perfectly executed, across the entire world. Bill Gates is a legit super villain. Meanwhile, the rigging of the election was bungled so totally that they had to stop the count and in front of everyone carry in boxes and suitcases full of ballots. They had to put cardboard across the windows so Republican observers couldn’t see in.

A Foreign Boondoggle Foreshadows to Domestic Catastrophe

When Trump happened, US intelligence was tied up with endless schemes in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, many of which are not really working. Obviously, most Jews on earth want Bibi Netanyahu out of office, and he’s being continually impeached because of all the money behind trying to get him out. (That includes money from George Soros.)

This group of Washington people have spent nearly a decade trying to overthrow Bashir Assad, the king of a third world country. They’ve spent trillions of dollars. They control every surrounding government, and had a terrorist army (ISIS) and the Israeli Air Force. They’ve now completely lost the war. Due to Trump’s refusal to engage with it, they couldn’t even keep the flames stoked.

People will come up with conspiracy theories about everything to explain away these people’s failures, just like QAnon people would do with Trump. There are a lot of people who will claim that the CIA and Israel wanted a prolonged war in Syria. But they surely didn’t want to outright lose. (You notice that the new Biden Administration immediately went after Iran, rather than Syria, while Obama was doing the opposite – “circle back around,” they say.)

These people wanted a total series of wars before 2010 to knock out every uppity Moslem country, including Iran, they wanted to overthrow the government of Venezuela, and they wanted China to become a democracy. None of those things happened.

Instead Donald Trump happened, and he spent four years basically stonewalling these people. The further away the Trump presidency gets, the clearer it is, and the more incredible it all becomes.

The Point of This

Most of this “inner-elite conflict” or “competing elites” stuff isn’t something I cover with much regularity, as it doesn’t really do much to enhance the understanding of the larger reality situation. Moreover, a lot of it ends up being speculative, which I am just not comfortable with as a concept in general. However, these changes now are plain, and they are happening now and they are going to drastically affect what comes next, as the United States effectively ceases to be a country and is absorbed into the larger governing body. Biden is a transitionary figure.

What I wanted to do here is just lay this out from the basic ground up level, in simple English, less than 2,000 words, so you have some understanding of the framework of the processes which are beginning to happen.

What all this means is that you’re increasingly going to see interference directly in American affairs by globalist groups, which will be coordinating largely with the media and the tech companies. Of course, Washington will be kept in the loop, and they’re still going to do whatever they’re going to do, but I do not think that the Washington System remains necessary for the functioning of the Washington Consensus.

You recently saw the head of the EU (who is unelected, by the way), Ursula von der Leyen, come out and claim that Trump had “permanently damaged democracy” and that this meant that the US would have to enact internet censorship laws. That sounds like gibberish, obviously, but what it means is that the US needs to follow EU law with regards to the censorship. There was a kind of underlying hostility here not just towards Trump, but to this entire Washington elite. Of course, all of the censorship laws in the world are written by the B’nai B’rith, an international Jewish freemasonic organization, and the Anti-Defamation League of  B’nai B’rith already has ours drawn up and ready to go.

Many of these “climate change” executive orders that Joe Biden signed are related to officially surrendering sovereignty of the United States to a world government run by the United Nations.

Ultimately, the plan was to turn everything over to the United Nations. That was the plan since the end of the inner-war period, when it was called the League of Nations. Everything is technically on schedule, save for the detail of China being an insular ultranationalist ethnostate and also the newly crowned global super power (by absolute matter of coincidence, given that diversity is our greatest strength) .

Switching back and forth between Iran and Syria as target states looks completely incompetent to anyone who is paying attention to what is going on. But very few people are paying any attention. (The majority of the people who claim to be paying attention are probably still saying “war for oil,” and still refusing to explain why the IDF and USAF aren’t bombing Alaska). Assuming that allowing China free trade privileges would lead to Chinese society opening up and joining the “defense” and “governance” pacts that Western nations joined following the trade deals is a mistake of a different color (yellow). This is a “mistake a loaded derringer for a novelty cigarette lighter and end up with a bullet lodged in your brain” kind of mistake.

It remains entirely unclear how any of the elite are planning to handle China, given that all of these various attempts at inroads for cultural revolution have flopped. One thing they clearly cannot do is wait around. Time is on China’s side, absolutely. If the West waits around another decade, China is going to own every square inch of the earth (and the rest of the solar system) without having fired a single shot. At that point, all of these centuries-long Judeo-Masonic schemes will be met with a calm but stern “you no do like that.”

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