As Everyone is Shut Down, Andrew Anglin is Given Credit as the Man These Cuckolds Should Have Defended!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2019

That gay ass poem about “first they came for the” is actually true, and first they came for Andrew Anglin. Now, these greasy kike terrorists are just banning people en masse.

YouTube is the latest to just go completely nuts.

People are using the hashtagΒ #VoxAdpocalypse, because a spic faggot at Vox attacked Stephen Crowder and demanded mass censorship. It’s a fine hashtag, whatever, but the event itself is just a random thing. Just like the Nancy Pelosi parody video is just a random thing. They are just coming up with excuses to ban entire categories of content.

Even though they admit this will cause violence.

Since I was the very first person to have the entire weight of this censorship machine come down on me, I was interested in whether or not people were remembering this fact, so I Twitter searched my name.

I am happy with the results.

And it goes on.

The people are aware that the banning of me was the beginning of the end of free speech in America, and now, two years later, everyone is banned.

People should have stood with me. We could have fought it when it began. They didn’t have to agree with me.

You know, there was this old thing.

But I guess not anymore.

Also, another thing that might interest you is that by Twitter searching “Anglin,” I found that I am also heavily interested in incest.

Interesting revelation, though I will have to consider for a bit if it surprises me.

Look, my lost cousin however many times removed also is genetically close enough to me to like the same memes.

Chris (Simpsons Artist) is my favorite OG internet memeist.

But not genetically close enough to create mutant children, of course.

She is also genetically close enough to be into health and fitness.

But not genetically close enough to be up on the fact that running is like, the worst conceivable activity ever.


Hit me up, cousin Lauren my dear.

I’ll buy you a plane ticket to Nigeria, you can swoop through for the weekend.