As Election Nears, Trump Brings Back Only Attractive Person to Ever Work in Administration

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2020

Hope is bringing that “35-year-old retired model who’s married to a sports player” energy to the Trump Team

People in politics are supposed to be ugly, apparently. But Donald Trump’s version of this is extreme.

Other than Mike Pence and John Kelly, everyone working for him has looked like some kind of mutant.

Nimrata Randhawa
The Mad Dog
Reince Priebus
Steven Mnuchin
John Bolton
Jared Kushner
Ivanka Kushner
Mike Pompeo

So it is logical to bring back Hope Hicks, who actually looks like a model.

Hope Hicks

I think this will bring in some votes.


Hope Hicks, a one-time close aide and communications director to President Donald Trump, will return to the White House next month after two years away to work closely with key advisors, administration officials said on Thursday.

Hicks, who previously served as Trump’s campaign press secretary, will be working closely with the president’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner and White House Political Affairs Director Brian Jack, a White House official said without disclosing the specific issues she would focus on.

She returns as Trump steps up his campaign for re-election in November. Hicks was a spokesperson for Trump’s 2016 campaign and was one of the first hires for his presidential bid.

Hicks, one of Trump’s most trusted aides, served as White House communications director until resigning in Feb. 2018 when she was appointed communications chief at Fox.

In a statement, Fox praised Hicks for being instrumental in setting up a program to help veterans, youth and underserved communities and described her as “a key executive team member” at the inception of Fox Corporation, the company spun off from Twenty-First Century Fox’s merger with Walt Disney Co.

Yeah, I don’t believe she ever did anything useful other than suck someone’s dick.

But I do believe she did a lot better dick-sucking than sickening filthy Nimrata the disgusting ghoul creature.

That bitch sucks your dick and you’re likely to end up in an exorcist type situation from the otherworldly satanic energies she emits from her bodily fluids.

And this bitch was sucking guys’ dicks to get good reviews on local blogs.

Trump always surrounded himself with beautiful women as a private citizen.

That really should have carried over to his presidency, I think. There was no valid reason for it not to – none of these assholes he’s hired do anything other than try to use him to start random wars or give tax cuts to Google and Amazon, so these are jobs that would be done better by random dumb bimbos who do nothing but go around doing nothing but texting emojis and sucking on cocks.

Is there anyone who wouldn’t be happier with this situation if he rolled off of Air Force One in foreign countries looking like this?

Instead of dragging out Jabba the Hutt?

No one is excited to see an obese blob who is alleged to be a satanic cannibal and child molester waddle off the plane, on the verge of hyperventilating from having to stand up and then walk down the airstair.