As Brown Hordes on the Move to the South, Judge Declares Infinite Asylum

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2018

We have a situation developing.

Right now, no one is talking about it. The media is going to keep a blackout on it until we are already knee-deep in it.

The hordes are on the move.

Numbers USA:

On March 25th, a caravan of about 1,350 Central American migrants started a trip from the City of Tapachula on the Mexico-Guatemala border to the United States. The journey is being organized by Pueblos Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders), although the migrants are responsible for their own food and water. The migrants plan to reach the U.S. border and either apply for asylum or slip away from the group to cross illegally.

According to TelesurTV, the migrants are demanding from Mexico and the United States, “open borders and asylum access, an end to deportations which destroy families, [and continuation of] vital migrant programs such as the Temporary Protected Status.”

BuzzFeed reports that, thus far, the migrants have crossed immigration checkpoints, military bases, and police without being stopped. Traveling under the banner “We are all Native Americans,” the group is comprised of children, newborns with their mothers, men, and women. One migrant said the caravan was his third attempt at getting to the United States. Mexican immigration officers pulled him off a bus the last two times.

(More details on this move on TelesurTV and BuzzFeed.)

It is quite the thing.

Along with images of the hordes of Mordor from the Lord of the Rings films…

…we are reminded of the Merkel March of 2015.

And just on cue, we are getting our own Merkel-style declaration on “asylum seekers” from a Mexican federal judge.


A federal judge in Seattle opened the door Thursday for thousands of immigrants to apply for asylum, finding that the Department of Homeland Security has routinely failed to notify them of a deadline for filing their applications.

U.S. District Judge Ricardo S. Martinez issued the ruling in a class-action lawsuit brought by immigrant rights groups on behalf of those who fear persecution if returned to their home country.

In many cases, those asylum seekers are released from custody after officials have interviewed them and determined their fears to be credible. They’re told that they’ll need to appear in immigration court, but they typically aren’t personally told that they only have a year to apply for asylum, the lawsuit argued.

Due to a backlog in immigration cases, the asylum seekers are often not given a hearing within a year, and thus, by the time they show up in court and learn about the deadline, it’s already passed, Martinez found.

This means many asylum seekers who were previously going to have a door slammed in their face are now able to say, ‘No, a federal court has said that I am timely filing my application and you need to accept it,‘” said Matt Adams, legal director of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and an attorney for the plaintiffs.

Jonathan Withington, a spokesman for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, part of Homeland Security, said the agency does not comment on pending litigation.

The judge ordered the department to begin providing notice about the one-year deadline within 90 days any time an immigrant seeking asylum is released from custody pending deportation proceedings. He also said the department must give those who missed the deadline another year to file their applications.

Further, Martinez told the department it must fix another catch-22 in its system: that while asylum-seekers must file their asylum applications within a year, the government refuses to accept the applications unless the applicant has been given a formal notice to appear in immigration court.

Often those notices aren’t issued within a year, so even if asylum seekers know about the one-year deadline, there’s virtually no way for them to meet it, Martinez said.

He ordered the government to come up with a uniform system for accepting asylum applications.

“Defendants have left class members without an adequate mechanism to timely file their asylum applications, thereby denying them the opportunity to exercise their statutory right to apply for asylum,” Martinez wrote.

Martinez said that given the trauma and stress endured by many asylum seekers, combined with a typical lack of legal counsel and knowledge about U.S. immigration law, the general notifications about the deadline aren’t good enough.

Martinez also found that personal notification to asylum seekers was needed to carry out the intent of Congress.

Put aside your rage at the idea that this alien filth is in our country, telling us how to run it, unilaterally interfering with our national security with a decree, and consider what this actually means.

If these rules he is decreeing are implemented, it effectively means that anyone can stay indefinitely by simply claiming asylum. He is both removing the responsibility of the alleged asylum seeker to engage in the legal process and making it impossible for the government to force them to engage the process.

Effectively, this makes it impossible to to deport anyone.

And I do not believe it is a coincidence that this is happening at the exact time that this horde is on the march through Mexico – saying that they are looking for “asylum.” Current asylum rules allow people to simply say “Honduras is a very violent and poor country and I shouldn’t have to live there.” Even Mexicans themselves can claim asylum because there is a drug war in that country.

This judge is doing the same thing Merkel did: giving a decree which unilaterally changes the way we deal with a mass movement of people into our country, which will encourage entire populations to pick up and march into our country, just as they marched into Europe.

I believe that this was a plan for a long time, to move much or most of the population of Central America into our country, that they planned to do it under Hillary, and are simply pressing on with it despite the fact that Trump is in office.

Hillary said Merkel was her biggest idol. She wanted to be “Mama Hillary” to a new population.

But Trump – Trump has been weak on so many things. And they have reason to believe they can just railroad him.

Call the White House and Tell Them to Deploy the National Guard

The entire government wants this to happen.

The entire media wants it to happen.

They will turn on the waterworks about these poor, poor victimized families who just really don’t deserve to live in their own countries.

We need to get out in front of this.

We need to all start calling the White House every day and demand that the National Guard be deployed at the border.

That is within the power of the President, and there is nothing any wetback judge can do to stop it.

If Trump did that now, then Mexico would stop allowing these people to cross their own Southern border, and we wouldn’t have an entire population of them camped out on the river down there.

Call the White House now. Call them every day. Set an alarm on your phone, and call and leave a message at lunch, every day, indefinitely, saying that you’ve seen the news and you do not want these people in your country.

Those calls DO make an impact.

They are put on record and that is something that Trump can show and say “look, the people are saying they don’t want this.” That gives him the power to act.

I would also advise you to call your Congressmen.

And furthermore, spread the word about this. We need Tucker on it, we need Breitbart on it.

Because the hordes are coming.

This is a Race

Our people are waking up.

We are shifting the Overton Window.

That is happening.

The Jews know this, and their goal is to bury it before our people wake up.

We are in a race here – white racial consciousness vs. the brown flood.

And we have to start looking at things in those terms, instead of all or nothing terms. Every brown person we keep out is a point for us, every white person we wake up is a point for us. And we can win it, if we fight it.

I know it feels hopeless sometimes, and I know the bigger picture is sometimes hard to see. But we are not going to win this in some huge swoop. We are only going to win it by fighting the Jews on every single front and winning small victory after small victory.