As BLM Terrorists Shoot at Cops, Homeland Security Chief Says Whites are the Real Threat

In Saint Petersburg, Florida on Wednesday night, the communist mob went from restaurant to restaurant, harassing white patrons.

At one point, the mob approached the diners and took over the table of an old white couple. When the couple tried to take the table back, the blacks screamed profanity and made aggressive and violent gestures at them.

Just watch that video again.

Do you think any of those people would blink if that black at the table pulled a knife and gutted those two white people?

Of course not.

We saw when a random Trump supporter was murdered in Portland by Antifa, the blacks cheered his death. Then a university professor came out and said it was morally righteous to kill random Trump supporters.

Everyone knows where this is going.

These people are planning to start slaughtering whites.

That is the reason why the Democrats are pushing to have cops removed from the streets. They want a bloodbath. Once the killing starts, and others in the communist movement see they can get away with killing, it’s going to be a massive wave and a fashionable trend. They’ll be filming themselves doing it, posting it on Twitter.

William Barr will come out and say he really doesn’t agree with the wholesale slaughter of white people, and he’ll tell Sean Hannity that maybe someday over the rainbow he’ll bring charges against someone for killing random whites.

The incidents in Florida Wednesday night were apparently related to the lack of indictments returned by the grand jury in the Kentucky case of Breonna Taylor’s death. That turned out to be another idiotic hoax.


The Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, appeared this week before the Senate for his confirmation hearings, and falsely claimed that white people are the biggest threat to America.

“White supremacist extremists, from a lethality standpoint over the last two years, particularly when you look at 2018 and 2019, are certainly the most persistent and lethal threat when we talk about domestic violent extremists,” Wolf said, according to Bloomberg.

These statements were made hours before a Black Lives Matter terrorist opened fire on the cops in Louisville, injuring two officers.

Wolf also endorsed the debunked conspiracy theory that there is a Russian conspiracy to help Donald Trump.

“Russia looks to denigrate former Vice President Biden,” Wolf said.

The Russian-Trump theory that the federal government spent three years trying to prove, eventually producing a report admitting it was a gigantic hoax, and then recently rolled back out again.

The sole purpose of the theory is to attempt to delegitimize the presidency of Donald Trump. No evidence has ever been presented to support the theory. It is a debunked hoax and anyone who promotes it can be confirmed to be a traitor involved in a plot to destroy America.

Even absolute shills like Jack Posobiec are forced to note how absurd this situation with Wolf is.

Wolf probably has a big problem, actually, as he appears to have been caught in a legitimate corruption scandal, using DHS to send millions of dollars in exclusive contracts to his wife.

If he does lose the confirmation because of this, he will almost certainly be replaced by another scumbag who will play the game and blame white people.

FBI Director Christopher Wray continually blames white people for every problem in America, while also serving as a PR person for Antifa. Like Wolf, he also pushes the Trump-Russia hoax.

These people are the actual people destroying America. Normal white people still have the majority in this country. We elected Donald Trump. This is not what we voted for. But instead of confronting Chad Wolf, Christopher Wray and William Barr, the Republican media just wants to talk endlessly about everything the Democrats are doing.

What is the point of talking about the Democrats all the time? What purpose does it serve? It’s entertainment, I guess?

Isn’t it more important to try and solve these problems? Why is the conservative media not telling people, every single time these riots happen: “Republican government officials support these terrorists and they claim you are the problem”?

Unlike the Democrats, who we cannot affect, we absolutely can affect the Republicans. We can use the primary system to remove and replace Senators who refuse to get on board with the Donald Trump agenda.

The reason that all of these scumbags like Mike Pompeo, William Barr, Christopher Wray and Chad Wolf are in the government is that these positions have to be confirmed by the Senate and the Senate is such a bunch of shills that they will not confirm anyone who is worth a damn.

If we had in 2018 replaced some Republican Senators, we would not be in the situation we are in now with all of these scum people surrounding Trump. Further, we could have done something about the internet censorship, about immigration, about all of these issues that the current Senate will not deal with.

The conservative media is worthless and they exist only to distract you.