Aryan Princess Takes Brave Stand Against African Female, World Comes Down on Her

In the above video, an Aryan Princess is seen taking a harsh but necessary stand against blacks.

Liberals on Twitter are calling for her to be arrested.

Racism does not exist, and this girl was obviously simply upset about the behavior of the blacks. You see the behavior of the blacks – they posted this video to try to destroy the white girl’s life.

If more white women were willing to voice anti-black sentiments, we would not be in this position. Basically, the modern world is the creation of white women, who have been totally willing to go along with anything at all.

However, now that white women are directly under attack, and told that they must personally sacrifice for the blacks, you’d expect that more of them would be pushing back and refusing to take it.

But of course, now the consequences for standing up are so high that no one is willing to stand up.

Women never should have been given rights.