Aryan Master Race Warrior Jake Paul Destroys African Tribesperson Nate Robinson

Master Race Aryan Hero Jake Paul, known for his brilliant insights on his YouTube channel as well as his statuesque physique, eliminated on Saturday night the threatening African tribesperson Nate Robinson with a knockout.

The menacing black had stated frankly that he was fighting for the glory of the African people.

There is no glory in defeat. The African race has suffered a crushing blow, from which they will hopefully never recover.

The blacks, as you would expect, are dealing with the defeat very poorly, and we can probably expect them to lash out in the coming days and weeks, probably by burning down a carryout.

NBA player Nick Young said he was going to call “Gil” (another black person) and “get the strap” (acquire a firearm). It was unclear who he was planning to shoot at, but we can take comfort in the fact that he probably won’t hit anything.

Another black guy typed in all caps.

Many whites are celebrating the triumph of their race, mocking the abject failure of the blacks to take down one of our prime racial warriors.

After he awoke, Robinson quickly announced that he would never be returning to his African village, for the shame is too great and he would never be able to look his 47 children in the eye again.

Asked who he expected to take care of these children, he replied: “nigga, white peeble be gun hasta be did dat shit, nigga. Shiiiet.”

Mike Tyson, who is the only humble African on earth, gave Jake mad props.

For anyone who cares about two blacks fighting each other, Tyson won on points.

Really a totally boring fight, especially in comparison to the Aryan Glory of “Triumph of the Paul.”