Aryan Insights: Simon Sheppard – Female Strategies at the Racial Level

Radio Aryan
March 15, 2016


Simon Sheppard is the owner and publisher of Heretical Press and has been publishing his own books and those of other authors for 20 years now, with his most well-known work being ‘Sex and Power’, which is probably the best book ever written on male/female relationships. He has been involved in nationalism for decades and currently writes occasionally for Heritage and Destiny magazine, while also maintaining, (previously Exulanten) and others.

Simon has been applying evolutionary psychology to analyse the behaviour of women for decades and starts by explaining how it works and what women gain through their seemingly illogical behaviour.

After this he shows how the same strategies are used by the State and the media, because both have become feminised. Using a parable involving a woman with many suitors, he shows how women will keep stringing the men along, each one thinking he has a chance of marrying her, when really she is just maximising her options. In the same way, the Jews promise us we will be living in a utopea, if we will just give up racism and allow our lands to be flooded with all the refuse from the third world. We never will get our utopia and none of the suitors will ever get to marry the maiden, especially not if a stronger male comes riding up on his horse from a foreign land.

Most of the strategies the Jews use against us are female ones, this is because they are physically weak, just like a female is. So the Jews conspire, just like women do and the Jews seek to manipulate the stronger race into protecting them, just the same as women seek to manipulate men into protecting them.

Blacks are similar, although individual Blacks may be masculine, their aversion to hard work is feminine, their love of body ornaments and other outward displays of riches and their reliance on emotion rather than logic is feminine. Despite Blacks seeming to be egotistical, they are actually trying to compensate for a lack of ego.

Simon also explains the reasons for why women miscegenate and why they advocate for refugees and immigrants, when this goes against another strong feminine trait, that of always fearing the worst. They like to see the country invaded by foreigners because this will encourage the strongest Whites to fight for them, proving who the fitter race is to mate with and thus providing them with superior offspring.

Finally Simon takes a look at Merkel and comes to the conclusion that she does what she does, because that is what worked last time! Like a man sat in his broken down car pushing the accelerator, she continues to do what she did last time because she does not know how to do anything else. We see this behaviour throughout the White world, instead of kicking the immigrants out, they just start double-down on promoting them to us all the more.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with special guest Simon Sheppard

Aryan Insights: Simon Sheppard-Female Strategies at the Racial Level

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