Aryan Insights: Richard Edmonds – Why We Need White Nationalism!

Radio Aryan
January 27, 2015

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Richard Edmonds joins Sven Longshanks to give us his insights into a variety of subjects, staring with why we need White Nationalism.

Richard has been involved in nationalism for over four decades and his reason for being a nationalist throughout all that time has remained the same. We must preserve our race from the many threats that it faces and White Nationalism is the only way to do this.

Every successive government from the time the hostile foreigners first started appearing on our shores have promised to deal with the problem of immigration, yet every single one of them has treachorously betrayed the electorate and increased the flow rather than slowed it.

Richard remembers a time when the word ‘mugging’ did not exist, when gang-rape and grooming gangs were unheard of and no British man had even been called names by a non-White, let alone been murdered by one.

British people were shocked and incredulous when they first saw their government importing exotic fauna into Britain, especially after all the trouble the Blacks were causing in America at the time, but they believed the traitors in power when they said that the hordes would not be staying and were just here to study. Of course, after the studying excuse came the blatant lie that White people were refusing to do certain jobs and we needed the coloureds to do them instead.

In the next decade the emotional blackmail started and we were told we needed to provide a safe place for them to flee to from persecution. After that they stopped providing excuses and just called us vile names, for daring to ask why we were being ethnically cleansed from our own homelands. Finally they started locking us up for criticising immigration and even for drawing attention to those who were doing this to us.

The reasons they give for replacing us are constantly changing, but the effects of their genocidal plan remain constant. White women of child-bearing age now make up less than 2% of the world’s population and the capital city of Britain is now less than 40% White British. Over one million brown barbarians were imported into Germany last year and the flood of refuse from the third world shows no sign of slowing down. If ever there was a time for the White nations to unite and fight against a common foe it is now and that is why we need White Nationalism.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with special guest Richard Edmonds

Aryan Insights: Richard Edmonds – Why We Need White Nationalism!

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