Aryan Insights: Max Musson – Left Wing Terrorism

Radio Aryan
January 16, 2017

Max Musson joins Sven Longshanks for another Aryan Insights interview, this time to talk about Left Wing Terrorism and why the extreme Left should be banned in the UK under the Terrorism Act of 2000.

Max starts by giving us some background information on the killing of Jo Cox and explains why it was a politically motivated killing and not terrorism. After that he describes what primary and secondary terrorism are and why the government were able to make this description apply to National Action, who were never accused of any violent crime.

By the government’s own standards, the antifa groups in Britain are primary terrorists who openly use violence against people and property for political purposes. There are then other groups on the Left such as Unite against Fascism and Hope Not Hate who then glorify these acts, applauding them and encouraging more. This is also covered by the Terrorism Act, yet it has been used only against National Action so far.

If the government wish to be seen as even-handed and not discriminating against any particular political ideology, then they have to start prosecuting and banning these Leftist thugs and the rest of the Left should be distancing themselves from them, unless they wish to be seen as supporting terrorism too.

Max gives a few examples of this behaviour on the Left, including a report of them lying in wait to ambush Brexiteers after a protest, so they could be picked off one by one as they left a pub and the recent attack on property and the elderly disabled at the South West Forum.

In order to get these groups banned there are a few things we can do. We can get a petition together like the Jews did against National Action, we can write to our MPs and we can also get a British ethnicity advocacy group together. In a multicultural society every community needs an advocacy group and we as White people do not have one. This is something all Nationalist organisations should be working towards, as there are no arguments that can be made against forming one by the Government, as they admittedly no longer represent our interests, but only those of these advocacy groups.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with special guest Max Musson

Aryan Insights: Max Musson – Left Wing Terrorism – AI 011617

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