Aryan Insights: Kurt Roemer – National Socialist Economics for the Modern World

Radio Aryan
May 10, 2016


Kurt Roemer from SFecon joins us today for Aryan Insights to explain his ideas for a modernised National Socialist economy.

His system is called The San Francisco Model of Economic Adjustment, or SFecon for short and Kurt has taught at San Francisco State University and the University of San Francisco, his students have published academic papers on his model and he is due to present one of his own in Lisbon this summer. Our enemies have accused him of being a nazi, an anti-semite and a racist in their attempts to silence him, but his students were so supportive of his ideas that they continued to work with him even after he had been removed from his position.

Kurt’s system works for the benefit of the people, instead of the people working for the benefit of the system, with profits being paid out in dividends to the people who most deserve it. A computer simulation has been created, making all the calculations required to solve the problems inherent in our current economic model, which was created by Jews at the end of the war and requires a constant increase in debt just to pay the compound interest.

Kurt talks about what the problems are in our current paradigm, how the National Socialists attempted to solve them and the potential flaws to their solution which he has corrected. He also talks about the anti-western bias he encountered when at MIT as a student and then later at universities as an instructor. He explains why the Austrian school of economics goes against the western scientific tradition and just what he means by western scientific tradition. He also talk about the different responses to corruption among the races and how the Asians who are supposed to be so clever, have no scruples about cheating and even encourage it.

He describes how all debts used to be regularly zeroed in our past and explains why this needs to happen again now. He explains why going back to the gold standard would not be a good idea and how a decent economic system should not require any taxes to be paid at all.

Finally he encourages students to challenge their instructors and invites economists to test his model and see for themselves whether it works or not.

It is not enough just to condemn the banks and the usury system, we need to have another solution that we can offer people, one that is designed to function within an ethnically homogenous state. The San Francisco Model of Economic Adjustment sounds like it could be just that solution and it reflects our own traditions instead of Jewish ones too.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with special guest Kurt Roemer

Aryan Insights: Kurt Roemer – National Socialist Economics for the Modern World – AI 051016

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