Aryan Gamer Nick Fuentes Did Nothing Wrong

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2019

The redpilled Aryan Gamer Nick Fuentes was targeted this week by Jewish Jared Holt of the Jewish Right Wing Watch. It is an attempt to deplatform the gamer from YouTube and Twitter.

The vicious Jewish attack comes after Fuentes told the buttgoy Matt Walsh, employee of the Jewish terror leader Ben Shapiro at the Daily Wire, that he works for Jews in the wake of Walsh calling for the slaughter of white people.

Fuentes pointed out the fact that Matt Walsh is a faggot pussy who is a race traitor and a shabbos goy, which is uncontroversial.

This is the tweet that Walsh made immediately after the shooting.

He’s a big tough guy, you see. Except when it comes to anything other than white people, when he is an utter coward. You will not find Matt Walsh or any of the other goyim that run Ben Shapiro’s website for him on Saturdays (literal shabbos goyim) becoming outraged over black people, who commit murder at drastically higher rates than white people.

No, when it comes to black people committing murder, it is some kind of abstract policy program that is responsible. But whites are evil and have to be acknowledged as evil and they have to die, according to Matt Walsh.

Walsh had a psychological break down after being mocked by Fuentes. He actually posted the Jared Holt piece without comment on the source.

This comes just days after it was discovered that Jared Holt was an associate of the weekend’s second shooter, Connor Betts. Walsh of course had no comment on Connor Betts, an Antifa left-wing extremist – except to point out that left-wingers are not condemning him.

Of course they’re not condemning him, Matt – because they’re not a bunch of spineless cowards like conservatives, and actually want to forward their own agenda, rather than go around apologizing for random mentally ill people who go on murder sprees.

Because that is literally all you are doing by “condemning” an alleged right-wing shooter – you are apologizing. No one actually needs to condemn mass shooters because no one supports mass shooters. It is taken as a given that all people are opposed to shooting randos at Walmart.

But Walsh lost his composure and ranted histrionically against Fuentes.

Oh, snark.

How original.

Much easier than trying to explain why it is you work for Jews to attack white people.

He took it down because people like you try to use that to get him banned Matt, you faggot.

But you know that. So why play a stupid game? You think your own followers are that stupid, apparently. If you think your followers are a bunch of retards who will believe anything, then what does that say about your own convictions?

He’s the one that’s acting like this is a game, Matt?

You’re the one who started with the little gay jokes. But if Nick responds in kind, he’s unserious?

As far as the shooter having “the exact ideology” – obviously it’s not exactly the same, because Nick doesn’t kill people and is opposed to murder like everyone else.

And again, I have to ask – where is the vitriol for the blacks who murder at rates which are many multiples larger than whites?

If you are really concerned about murder just in general, it seems that the bulk of your time should be spent attacking black people. If all things are equal.

So the decision to spend time attacking white people while blacks are out there as you tweet killing who knows how many people across the country clearly implies that you have some specific problem with white people.

And I think we all understand where that is coming from.

Ben Shapiro was retweeting all of Walsh’s tweets against Nick Fuentes, giving his good little goy a little pat on his head like the dog that he is.

As Mr. Nick said, Matt: you work for Jews. And Jews, as anyone who has ever looked at these people is aware, have a virulent hatred for white people and are trying to replace us in our own countries.

Your boss has been very open and very clear about this.

He isn’t shy.

A whole bunch of other conservative shills were piling on Nick, trying to get him deplatformed.

It included Tiana Lowe, a juicy little strumpet who has been calling for an end to the First Amendment for white people only.

This is clearly a coordinated attempt by the pro-Jewish and Jewish-controlled conservative movement to both get rid of their competition and shut down someone who is talking about the Jewish role in the destruction of America.

These shills are absolutely transparent.