Aryan Esoterica: Lucifer, the Black Sun, Angels and the Green Thunderbolt

Radio Aryan
January 12, 2017

Sven Longshanks presents the second episode in a mini-series looking at esoteric Aryan history, exploring subject matter from Miguel Serrano’s ‘Hitler the Ultimate Avatar’ and using it to find common ground between National Socialism, Aryan Vedanta, Norse Paganism and Christianity.

This week four main subjects are discussed starting with the role of Lucifer in our myths and the meaning behind the symbol of the black sun. Sometimes the more intelligent among us may miss the simple things as they are so used to looking for a more complicated pattern. In other words they may not see the wood, for the trees. Gnosticism relies upon this phenomenon in order to subtly deceive people and the promotion of Lucifer is a good example of this.

The black sun is often assumed to be something that it is not and most depictions of it turn out to be eclipses. It is a symbol that perfectly explains what it is meant to convey once you know what that is though and the wonder is that it has not been used before, since the only definitive example we have of it is in the SS castle at Wewelsberg.

Serrano was certain that the tales of angels breeding with men in the Bible were also relayed in the folk tales of other tribes and he gives examples which are expanded on and explained by Sven. He also thought the Mahabharata war was describing one of the battles caused by the racial bastards produced by these unions and this war took place at the end of the last Yuga around the time of Noah’s flood.

After explaining the correlations between these tales of angels and men with a detour into sun worship and Akhenaton, Sven then points to the likely origin of the green thunderbolt and what usage of the colour symbolises, before drawing parallels with the modern day employment of it by the Alt-Right in the form of Pepe.

Finally to finish the podcast off, the links between gnosticism and the kabbalah are shown and why it leads to the diversity agenda. Our enemies are there for us to learn from them, but not in the way that you might think.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Esoterica: Lucifer, the Black Sun, Angels and the Green Thunderbolt – AE 011217

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