“Art” Featuring Obese Blacks Mutilating the Corpses of Whites Allowed on Instagram

Remember when I used to do really edgy humor? It got kind of boring, but it was pretty funny for a while, because the media pretended that it wasn’t humor. Or maybe they are just so humorless they didn’t understand. It wasn’t really ever clear to me.

What is clear: my edgiest joke didn’t talk about slaughtering black people and mutilating their corpses.

But: black people are now in the mainstream, and endorsed by the establishment, talking about mutilating the corpses of whites they just slaughtered.


Instagram has refused to remove an image depicting two black women holding the severed heads of white people, claiming that “people may express themselves differently” and that the picture doesn’t violate community guidelines.

The image, produced by an artist working under the name ‘sugarygarbage’, was shared to a page called ‘supportblackart’ and shows two obese black women posing with the severed heads of a white woman and man.

Despite an ongoing crackdown on offensive content, Facebook-owned Instagram refused to remove the ‘black art’, claiming it didn’t violate community guidelines.

“Because Instagram is a global community, we understand that people may express themselves differently,” Instagram said in response to an enquiry about the piece.

Needless to say, the piece generated strong reactions online. “I would put this in the same category of art as using a public toilet and not flushing,” wrote one critic.

Instagram’s stance on the piece also garnered a lot of negative feedback, with many arguing that, were the races reversed, the post would receive a vastly different response from those in charge at the social media company.

I think I’m as tired as the blacks are of “what if the races were reversed?” – but come on now.

If Instagram was some libertarian internet paradise where you were allowed to post anything – okay. But this is a site that just last week censored Project Veritas for just doing normal politics.

You’re not even allowed to have nipples on Instagram. Unless, apparently, it’s in “art” calling for the murder of whites.