Arresting the Opposition: This is Now Totally Full Bolshevism

If you don’t think America is in the process of going full-Bolshevik, you need to look around you.

Arresting the opposition on trumped up charges is not something that happens in a normal country.


Thomas Barrack, a California billionaire who organized Donald Trump’s 2017 presidential inauguration, was charged in New York with acting as an agent of the United Arab Emirates and making false statements to federal agents.

Barrack, 74, is accused of “acting and conspiring to act” as an agent of the UAE between April 2016 and April 2018, as well as obstruction of justice for falsely claiming otherwise in a June 2019 interview with federal authorities, the US Department of Justice said on Tuesday.

Matthew Grimes, 27, of Colorado and Rashid Sultan Rashid Al Malik Al-Shahi, 43, an Emirati national, were indicted as his co-conspirators. The trio “repeatedly capitalized on Barrack’s friendships and access” to Trump, “high-ranking campaign and government officials, and the American media to advance the policy goals of a foreign government without disclosing their true allegiances,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Mark Lesko of the DOJ’s National Security Division, calling the conduct “nothing short of a betrayal” of those officials, including the president.

Barrack was chairman of Trump’s presidential inaugural committee between November 2016 and January 2017. The Biden administration claims he “informally advised” senior government officials on issues related to US foreign policy in the Middle East, and sought the post of special envoy to the region – which he did not get. He is alleged to have been “regularly and repeatedly” in contact with UAE leadership, whether personally or through Grimes and Al-Shahi, whom he allegedly called a “secret weapon” to advance Emirati policy in Washington.

They’ve been hitting Trump people with this foreign agent nonsense since the Mueller Sanhedrin. This is some ye olde timey law that hasn’t ever been enforced. It’s a technicality, that is to say.

They might as well just be arresting people “for being the opposition.”

You would probably want to remember that the Bolsheviks themselves always accused the opposition of various crimes before rounding them up.

This is getting really dark.

You put these kinds of arrests alongside the super-aggressive censorship, and you are looking at an incoming atrocity type scenario.

I promise this: every single one of you that is making excuses for remaining in the city is going to regret it with everything in your entire being. All of these excuses you are making are going to seem so petty and absurd when you end up in the situation that you’re headed into right now.

I know it’s difficult to process at this point. But you probably should just go ahead and trust that I’ve processed it.

I have people in my personal life. I tell them: “you know you’re going to be tortured to death, right?” and they just look at me blankly.

Basically, a lot of you people are living in the same level of fantasy as the virus believers. The writing is on the wall. They are coming for you – and they’re not just going to shoot you. This is going to be the stuff of nightmares.

I don’t know what else to say.