Arrest Warrant Issued for Anti-Lockdown Pastor After He Drove His Bus Too Close to a Protester

Tony Spell is the literal Patrick Bateman of Christianity

Many people believe that the coronavirus hoax is setting the stage for a satanic government to inject everyone with 666 microchips ostensibly in order to prove they’ve been vaccinated. The fact that Christian pastors are being directly targeted by the government in this insane crackdown on society certainly gives a healthy heap of credibility to that theory.

One pastor who has refused to bow down to the government’s stupid flu hoax is Tony Spell, pastor of Life Tabernacle Church in Central, La. Spell is considered to be the Patrick Bateman of Christianity.

According to local news station WAFB, Pastor Spell now has a warrant out for his arrest after he allegedly threatened an anti-Christ, pro-lockdown protester with his bus.

Surveillance video released by the cops shows Spell backing up the bus and stopping it before hitting Trey Bennett, the good goy who has been out every day demanding that the church close.

Apparently, in Louisiana, driving a bus too close to someone is “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.” Except, obviously it isn’t, and this is just pure persecution of Christians by the government.

They are literally going to arrest a pastor for refusing to stop holding church services.

What’s more, a second warrant has been issued for another person, a member of the church, who allegedly drove too close to the protestor. Video of that was also released by the cops, and it’s hard to even tell what the thing is.

It’s unclear what those charges are, though I guess we can assume they are also “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”

In a telephone interview with WAFB on Monday, Pastor Spell said he was driving the bus and was about to get out and confront the protester, but his wife talked him out of it.

“That man has been in front of my church driveway for three weeks now,” Spell said. “He shoots people obscene finger gestures and shouts vulgarities.”

“I was pulling in from my bus route, picking up black children who haven’t eaten because of this sinister policy that has closed schools,” the pastor said. “I was going to approach this gentleman and ask him to leave.”

Trey Bennett, the protestor, must be a real faggot. He’s been protesting since Easter Sunday – he launched his anti-Christ protest on Easter. He told local media that he simply wants everyone to do whatever the government tells them to. One of his signs says that if people enter the church they will die.

The Central Police Department issued the arrest warrants on Monday.

“Earlier today, Chief Roger Corcoran with Central Police Department issued a warrant for the arrest of Mark Anthony Spell (AKA: Tony Spell), Pastor of Life Tabernacle Church, for aggravated assault based on video evidence of an incident that occurred on April 19, 2020,” a police department spokesman told WAFB.

Tony has been holding it down throughout this hoax. An elderly member of his congregation allegedly died from coronavirus on April 13, but Tony has said this was a lie, and the man had other complications which led to his death. Whatever you think of Tony Spell, this is statistically very likely to be true, given that a massive portion of the deaths being recorded as coronavirus are from other causes. The CDC has openly admitted this when they ordered hospitals to record virtually every death as a coronavirus death, even if there is no evidence the deceased had coronavirus.

It is fascinating that the government has already begun arresting Christians. You would think that they’d have taken this a little bit slower.

The cops have not yet arrested Spell.

However, they’ve already arrested him previously for violating the fake quarantine. You can see the fat, stupid badge niggers speaking on why they arrested him last time in this video.

Apparently, the badge niggers decided that one arrest wasn’t enough to stop the Faith Machine that is Pastor Spell from preaching the Good News, so they decided to trump up weird assault charges so they can keep him in jail longer.

Understand that this is officially the end of being able to have any faith whatsoever in the police. If they are willing to literally round-up Christians for going to church, then we are at the point where they must be considered enemies of the people and enemies of Jesus Christ Himself.

American cops are officially Satan’s Army.

We need to stand with all of the normie Christians. We need to tell them what is happening. We need to tell them who it is that hates Jesus and is shutting down churches and arresting preachers.

Whoever is not with us and Jesus is against us.