Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes to Russia, Politicians Call for Him to be Arrested for Shilling

Daily Stormer
October 9, 2019

Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to spend his golden years as a globalist shill and ruining the good will that his acting career left him with the masses.

Recently, he decided to go to the only country in the world that isn’t thoroughly fed-up and sick of him already: Russia, where an entire generation of 90s kids grew up on his movies and repeating his catchphrases. They didn’t know what sort of people he consorts with now.

I still don’t understand what he was there to shill/discuss. None of the questions make any sense.

If he was there to talk about Global Warming – as I suspected he would – he did not seem able to get a word in edgewise. People wanted to ask questions about Terminator and sportsball and wahmens.

Several brave Russians proposed to arrest him.


The notorious bodybuilder, actor, and politician arrived in Russia to participate in the Synergy Global Forum in St. Petersburg on 4 October.

The “Communists Party of Russia” urged the Investigative Committee of Russia to launch a criminal case against actor and ex-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, in response to the detention and questioning of Russian lawmaker Inga Yumasheva by the FBI in New York.

According to the party, Moscow should detain the actor to stop the US from reviving “dirty Cold War-era methods”. The activists offered to use his idea to legalise marijuana as a pretext for a case against him.

An interesting tactic, to be sure.

If they kidnap one of ours, we will kidnap one of theirs! 

Of course, Russians kidnapping Arnold Schwarzenegger would not go over that well and would portray Russia in a bad light – maybe. 

It would probably be good for Arnold’s career at this point, however.