Armenians Blame George Soros for the Troubles They are Facing

Why would you suspect that the globalist Jew George Soros wasn’t behind the troubles in Armenia?

He’s behind everything else, isn’t he?

Free West Media:

The pro-Western orientation of the government of Nikol Pashinyan, supported in its anti-Russian policy by the structures of the American billionaire George Soros, worked against the interests of Armenia, according to the Russian and Armenian press.

After the announcement of the ceasefire Armenians stormed government buildings in Yerevan. Prime Minister Pashinyan, who had neglected the military, is likely to be removed from office after protesters damaged official buildings and called for the resignation Pashinyan. “Nikol has betrayed us,” they chanted.

The authorities must ban all activity of the Soros Foundation, and this ‘fifth column’ of Turkey must leave Armenia!” said Golos Armenii. The Yerevan newspaper evoked at length the pro-Turkish article of billionaire George Soros (main financier of the “color revolutions” in post-Soviet countries), published in the daily the Financial Times on March 4, 2020.

Present in Armenia since 1997, Soros’ Open Society has supported and funded, to the tune of 48 million dollars in total, more than 200 Armenian associations and NGOs, and many citizens live from this funding, according to the Russian newspaper of Ekaterinburg Vetchernié Vedomosti.

To fight the Covid-19 pandemic for example, Armenia, had to rely on the $ 600 000 offered by Soros.

Armenia had to agree to the ceasefire after Azerbaijan gained control of the strategic town of Shushi. Azerbaijan, on the other hand, was forced to the negotiating table after its forces shot down a Russian Mi-24 military helicopter over Armenia, killing two crew members and injuring a third. Further such hostilities would have brought Russian forces into play.

Why do we allow this one single Jew to manipulate the entire planet like this with his ill-gotten gains?

It’s become cartoonish, having this ancient, diabolical mastermind pulling the strings of every terrible thing that happens on the planet.