Arkansas: School Board Member Refuses to Resign After Blackface Gag – Ends Up Getting Award

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2017

The key to defeating “Anarcho-Tyranny” is steadfast resistance and principle. A dirty secret the system doesn’t want you to know is that most people will naturally side with those who are sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, if given the opportunity. The reason the masses don’t answer our calls many times is sheer ignorance – they don’t even know what’s going on because our means of communication are controlled by a hostile minority that uses the media to keep people ignorant.

It’s hard to think anyone in Arkansas genuinely cares about someone dressing up in black face for fun, but the fact that Jewish pressure groups failed to cow the individual in question has been reported with concern by the Jew Avi Selk at the Washington Post. Rather than resigning as the system called on him to, he hung in there and numerous people came out to show him support. It is Aryan self-awareness – not bacon – that is the ultimate Jew kryptonite.

Washington Post:

Ted Bonner, who sits on the school board in tiny Blevins, Ark., had dressed for a party in bib overalls and a straw hat, his face painted black and his lips bright red, recalling minstrel shows of the 19th century.

A photo of him holding a sign — “Blak Lives Matters” — spread virally online.

At the time, Blevins school officials sounded as appalled as anyone. The superintendent said he was embarrassed, but couldn’t fire an elected official.

Today, Bonner still sits on the school board — with a crowd of supporters, his name on a T-shirt and an award for “Outstanding Board Member.”

School let out early Monday, ABC affiliate KATV reported, for a school board meeting at which Bonner was given the training recognition.

The award itself is usually innocuous, and came about somewhat by accident. It’s routine for board members who complete 25 hours of state-mandated training in classes for school finance, community relations and other basics.

“It’s our fault,” said Kristen Garner, an attorney for the Arkansas School Boards Association, which provides the training. “I am fully aware of the irony.”

“It’s a small enameled lapel pin,” she explained. “We encourage the local district to present these to the board member, because it creates a nice photo op,” she said. “It was all generated and sent out before anyone had any idea.”

Garner said she only realized who Bonner was when she saw coverage of Monday’s meeting in the news.

As his blackface photos went viral in November, the Arkansas NAACP demanded that Bonner resign, as did many in town.

On Monday, KATV reported, officials expected even more protests when they gave Bonner his pin.

But footage showed many in crowd wearing “I Stand With Ted Bonner” shirts instead.

“Now you see how many people actually stand with him,” one resident wrote on Facebook the next day. “And there is more than just the people . . . there tonight.”

There are plenty examples of blacks in whiteface. Most whites are good sports about it, which is why they expect it to be reciprocal. But while many whites think blacks in whiteface is just joking around, the Jews who coordinate such spectacles are doing it as a political attack on Western people.

When you come under attack for a racial heresy, the only option is to fight to the bitter end. Ignore or counter all tactics seeking to shame, intimidate or defame you, it’s worth it in the end because the people are with us – not the Jews.