Arkansas: Cowardly Cop Goes to Wrong House, Shoots Homeowner’s Small Dog

A family in Greenbrier, Arkansas is demanding answers from the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office after a fat cop came into their house and shot their small family dog, Fox 16 reports.

The big picture: It is normal procedure for a cop to kill your dog. Officers also regularly go into the wrong house when serving a warrant, because most cops have low IQs.

  • A Sheriff Spokesman says the officer, James Freeman, went to Autumn Hills Road for a sex offender compliance check, but went to the wrong house.
  • The fat officer allegedly went to the correct house first, but was told the sex offender lived in a different house.
  • Freeman then went to a different house, and shot a dog.
  • “I was livid, I was livid with feelings and he didn’t care one bit,” said Chris Coiner, the dog’s owner.

Go deeper: Coiner says that the cop shot his dog because he barked. However, it is normal for a dog to bark when a strange person enters their family property. The dog was small and a threat to no one. Going into a residential suburb and shooting a dog in someone’s yard is insane.

  • Coiner recorded the interaction with the cop, where he is heard saying, “Get off my property, you shot and killed my goddamn dog!”
  • The cop then pulled a taser on Coiner, because he was yelling at him.
  • The cop then got in his truck, as Coiner accurately screamed that he is a pussy.
  • The shooting happened as kids were coming home from school.
  • “He did not make any attempt to get away from it, he didn’t make any attempt to get back in his vehicle, all he did was shoot the dog because he was barking at him,” Coiner said.
  • Coiner said that it was very difficult for his son, who was raising the dog: “He was his buddy and we lost a family member.”

Of note: Even as the blacks are screaming that cops should be banned, cops are getting more and more bold.

  • With the lockdown, cops appear to believe they are allowed to do anything to white people, and they must simply avoid black people.
  • They are probably going to come and kill your dog, too.
  • We shouldn’t tolerate police state abuse like this.
  • Alex Jones tried to warn us.

Last year, a similar incident happened in Arkansas, with an even smaller dog.