Arizona Woman Finds $4,000 Inside Used Book, Tracks Down Owner and Returns it

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2019

This is a sneak peak into what a majority white country looks like.

Fox News:

A full-time book sale volunteer who discovered stacks of hundred dollars bills alongside a family letter tucked into an old novel immediately tracked down the owner so she could return the large sum of money.

Cathy McAllister, a retired teacher and lifelong book lover, has been giving her time to the Volunteer Nonprofit Service Association (VNSA) in Phoenix, Ariz. leafing through thousands and thousands of donated books since 2012. So she had to do a double-take and was left “speechless” when she found $4,000 worth of cash in a book she described as “a little tattered around the edges” and “not a big seller.”

She held an old copy of “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire,” one that she normally would’ve discarded to be repurposed instead of sold, but she said she wanted to justify her guilt of throwing out the classic by leafing through it just in case it had smokey or smelly pages.

“I don’t know what that was, I was literally throwing it in the discards,” she said. “It was just a feeling.”

She told the local Fox affiliate, FOX 10, she didn’t think it was real at first.

“I had the book in my hands,” McAllister said. “I was ready to toss it, because we had several copies already…but when I fanned that book out, there’s a big hole carved out in the book amongst the pages, and I look down in there and I thought, ‘It’s monopoly money. Oh how fun,’ but it’s not monopoly money. It was all banded as it comes from the bank. It was four packages of $100 bills.”

But she also discovered a family letter that said to whom the money belonged. That was how she located the family within 10 minutes of opening the hidden treasure.

Can you imagine a black person returning $4,000 dollars to the rightful owner?

Of course not. They’d keep it, because they do not come from a genetic stock that builds high trust societies. They are primitive jungle people with a low-simian social organization.

This situation we find ourselves in where we have to be constantly concerned about our physical security and the physical security of our property due to being surrounded by highly aggressive black delinquents is artificial. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We can have it better.

There are countries that are still able to show that a better way of life is possible. Look at Iceland’s crime rate compared to that of the United States, for instance. Or just take a look at the search results of “Iceland crime rate.”

It’s just one example that comes to mind. Every East Asian country also effectively has a zero crime rate.

This “do good” itch white people have works great when white people are surrounded by white people, but starts to backfire when there’s blacks and foreigners around. Jews are especially proficient at exploiting this.

We didn’t evolve adaptations to deal with all of these tricks and deceptions.

“My values were grounded in our faith – that the church taught us what was right and wrong. It just becomes who you are after a while,” she told Fox News.

She said it never crossed her mind to keep what wasn’t hers.

“In my case, it was my church upbringing,” she said. “And my very strict mother.”

Women need to be put in their place from an early age in order to resemble a good person. The woman from this story is not young.

What we have nowadays is quite the opposite of that. Women are now “liberated” from a very early age.

They’re let loose on a degenerate world that is constantly working to pervert them.

We could have it better.

Women are going to be what we make of them.

If we allow them to be degenerates, they’ll be degenerates.

We are in charge. Their place will be the place we put them into, but we have to act. We have to put them in their place.

If we chain them all and force motherhood on them, they’ll be proper women.