Arizona Woman Calls the Police Because She Sucked on a Female Cuddle Therapist’s Nipple for Five Minutes

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
August 18, 2019

This is some kind of regret-nipple-rape where consent is removed after the fact.

USA Today:

In new age America, if you need emotional comfort, you can pay someone to cuddle you.

It’s legal and unregulated.

But where do you complain if a cuddling session goes too far?

A Phoenix woman says it happened to her in May when she visited an $80-a-session cuddle therapist and the session turned sexual. She wound up with the cuddler’s nipple in her mouth for five minutes.

She called police, who told her that nothing illegal had happened.

She called a national group that certifies cuddlers. It promptly decertified the cuddler, Susanne Woodward, for breaking its code of conduct.

Finally, she filed a complaint with the state board that regulates massage because the cuddler is also a massage therapist. It’s illegal for massage therapists to engage in sexual activity with clients.

But Woodward’s attorney, Flynn Carey, argued before the Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy that cuddling is beyond the board’s regulatory authority because the woman was a cuddle client, not a massage client.

The board found no violation of massage practice but ordered Woodward to separate her cuddling business from her massage business, including maintaining separate websites to avoid confusion.

What do they mean nothing illegal has happened?

Do I have to remind people that we’re living in current year?

The cuddle therapist was in a position of power over her cuddle-deprived client and took advantage of this to fulfill her own sick five-minute nipple-sucking desires at the cost of some innocent woman’s nipple-sucking innocence.

She literally penetrated the woman’s mouth with her erect nipple.

But the sick cuddle therapist is, in turn, a victim herself. This is literally the patriarchy manifesting itself in the women it has brainwashed and turning them into sick depraved nipple-sucking criminal rapists that nipple-rape innocent women in the mouth.

Professional cuddling – essentially paying someone to snuggle in a consensual, non-sexual manner – has been around about two decades. Professional cuddling can be one-on-one or in “cuddle parties,” where people wear pajamas, eat snacks, chat and snuggle.

The theory behind cuddle therapy is that people feel increasingly isolated and disconnected. Many were raised in families where platonic touching was uncommon and suffer from “touch deprivation.”

There is no professional licensing, but some companies offer training and even certification.

Cuddlist provides online training and certification for those who want to lead one-on-one cuddling. It has a code of conduct. Cuddling is a platonic service, the website says, where everyone must be clothed. At a minimum, they have to wear a tank top and shorts that extend to the mid-thigh.

Even human contact has turned into a consumer experience and been reduced to a monetary transaction in our hyper-materialist society.

The consumer lifestyle creates barriers between people and then asks you to pay more — consume more — in order to drill tiny holes in those barriers for you to get a glimpse of what could be and relieve a bit of the pain that this isolation causes.

It is worth noting that being pro-cuddle therapy would logically require one to also be pro-prostitution. People “touch deprived” are also sexually deprived.

In Arizona, the woman who filed the complaint said she began visiting Woodward in April at her Tempe business, Restoration Healing Spa.

Over two months she saw Woodward for four cuddle sessions.

She told me she would be able to help me with my sexual trauma and help me find my voice,” the woman wrote in her complaint to state regulators. “She insisted that it would not be sexual and that clothing would be on at all times.”

The woman admitted in her complaint that in an early session with Woodward, she told the therapist it had always been her dream to be held naked by a woman.

She said Woodward told her she could do that, but that it was outside her boundaries as a cuddlist and “it would have to be between us.”

On her fourth cuddle session, the woman alleges Woodward told her, “I can hold you, how you want.”

Both woman removed their tops. Woodward told the woman to rest her head on Woodward’s breasts, according to the complaint.

“She then told me to suck her nipple,” the woman wrote, and the therapist said, “I am channeling nurturing energy to you through my breast.”

Then Woodward told her time was up, “but I will give you five extra minutes for free.”

In a later cuddle session, Woodward said the woman initiated contact with Woodward’s breast and the conduct was consensual.

Afterward, she said the woman smiled, said she was feeling “so good” and thanked Woodward. She scheduled another cuddle session for the next week.

Some humans dream of bringing Order and Prosperity to Earth, conquering Mars and setting off to explore the galaxy. Others dream of being held naked by a woman.

Both are worth the same, because we’re all equals.

Everything is the same as everything else.