Arizona University Ignores Protests, Refuses to Ban Rittenhouse from Enrolling

This doesn’t show a backbone for the university.

It just shows they don’t want to get sued.

You can’t punish someone for a crime they didn’t commit and then not get sued for tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

Campus Reform:

Just a day after heated student protests at Arizona State University during which students demanded the school bar Kyle Rittenhouse from attending in the future, the school has refused to do so.

In a Thursday email to Campus Reform, an ASU spokesperson stated that Rittenhouse’s application would be treated “as any other would be” should he apply in the future.

“As a university that measures itself by whom it includes and how they succeed, should he choose to seek admission in the future, his application will be processed as any other would be”, the school told Campus Reform.

Rittenhouse unenrolled from the University sometime between original reports of his enrollment and Monday, a move the school says was made by Rittenhouse himself.

“Kyle Rittenhouse did not go through the ASU admissions process but was enrolled in two publicly available courses for this semester. University records show that he is now no longer enrolled, a status precipitated by his own actions”, the school clarified.

Despite the revelation that Rittenhouse was no longer enrolled, students chose to hold a previously scheduled protest anyway, shifting their demands from insisting that Kyle be unenrolled to calling on the university to block any future enrollment from Rittenhouse.

From the beginning, we’ve said: Kyle needs to find the names of anyone who is claiming he committed a murder, and sue them. Just random people who went to this protest and held up signs should be doxed and sued. There are videos of the protests, and if he announced that he was going to sue all these people, then /pol/ would identify most or all of them.

He’s going to win enough lawsuits from the media that he’s going to have basically infinity millions of dollars, so he can just start filing suits against every single person who makes any statement indicating that he did anything wrong. Some of them will beat the rap, but none will beat the ride.

That isn’t even SLAPP. These people are defaming him. Someone who goes to a protest and holds up a sign saying Kyle murdered someone is actively hurting him on purpose in a way that is illegal in the United States of America.

Sue them, Kyle!