Arizona: Students Forced to Remove Their MAGA Gear, One Suspended

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2019

The magic hate-crime magnet hat.

People wearing MAGA gear are still being systematically persecuted by America’s institutions. The MAGA hat attacks are just one example of this.

They’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

USA Today:

Parents at an Arizona high school are upset after school administrators demanded their children remove clothing and accessories that touted President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” logo.

Parents say some of the kids are now facing suspensions.

The students at Perry High School in Gilbert, which is part of the Chandler Unified School District, had come to school wearing the pro-Trump gear Friday. The day had been designated a spirit day with a  “Party in the USA” theme.

A group of students showed up to school wearing red MAGA-themed hats and other clothing items. One student brought a Trump flag.

Administrators were walking around campus asking anyone they saw wearing the gear to remove it, Jones said. She said the the kids complied.

White people should really start demanding explanations, and then they should really start rejecting those explanations.

These school administrators were likely using the “it’s disruptive” excuse, but how is supporting your president disruptive?

Is this even America? Are we in Mexico now?

Just before 2:30 p.m., after school let out, the students gathered outside to take pictures wearing the gear and holding the flag, Jones said.

The students noticed the school’s police resource officer taking photos of them and others wearing MAGA gear without their permission, Jones said. When the officer asked her freshman daughter, Logan, for her name, the girl refused to answer, questioning why he needed her name.

“I thought the whole situation was weird. They’re out of school, so why are you coming up to her?” Jones said.

When the girl refused, the officer said she had been a part of a disruption all day, that no one was allowed to have a Trump flag, Jones said. She said he told her daughter to go to the office.

There you have it. “Disruption.” American students can’t take a flag of America’s president to school.

I’ll ask again: is this even America? Where are we, really?

There, administrators asked her what her name was again. She responded that she wasn’t going to answer any questions until her mother arrived, Jones said.

When Jones got to the school 10 minutes later, she found that the administration had suspended her daughter for 10 days.

She came here today to support America, which is what your Spirit Day is all about. And now that she has refused to give her name, you’re suspending her after she’s complied with everything else?” Jones said.

Of course they are suspending her; she’s a racist! There is no place in the United States for supporters of the president of the United State.

This is the current state of America.

…and this is what the average American family will look like soon, unless we get that huge border wall.

Jennifer Farris, another mom with a student in the group, gave a similar account to The Arizona Republic, saying assistant principals were among those asking the students to remove the items.

Farris also drove to the school after hearing her kids were being asked to remove the clothing.

According to Farris, within four minutes of her walking into the office, she was told by school officials to leave and that she would not be allowed on campus again.

As soon as they realized I was protecting my daughter, they were immediately rude, dismissive and told me to get off the property,” Farris said.

Farris said she was told officials considered the clothing “offensive, and that the kids were being disrespectful by wearing it” and could face sanctions if they didn’t comply.

That is low, man. What a poor way to treat the parents of students there.

The moms are demanding a public apology or whatever. That’s not enough. That’s obviously not enough. We have to start escalating these things and sue these anti-America people currently employed by America.

We have to stop this passivity and overall civilized attitude. The left makes a big deal out of everything; they’re really loud.

Our people should raise their voices too.