Arizona: Short-Haired Female Democrat in Charge of Votes Said All Trump Supporters are Nazis

Like all short-haired women, Arizona Secretary of State Democrat Katie Hobbs is a completely unhinged lunatic. This woman is in charge of tabulating votes and certifying Arizona’s election decision, and in 2017, after the Charlottesville rally, she claimed that all Trump supporters are neo-Nazis.

Here are those tweets:

Many on Twitter, including Robby Starbuck, are calling for this kook woman, who is also an extremist believer in the coronavirus hoax, to recuse herself and allow for Republican Governor Doug Ducey to appoint an independent person to certify these votes – after a full audit.

Others on Twitter made a similar point.

The fact of reality is if these people believe that Donald Trump is a Hitler-Nazi, and thus on the level with the man who they believe was the most evil man to ever live (they believe that because of Hollywood movies), then they cannot possibly be objective.

Anyone who legitimately believes that Trump is pure evil and an existential threat to America and to the entire world has a moral obligation to do everything in their power to stop him.

The Democrats are saying:

  • “Donald Trump is pure evil, he is a Hitler-Nazi and an existential threat”
  • “We are fighters for goodness in the world”
  • “We didn’t do voter fraud”

All of these things cannot be true at the same time.

If they truly believe that Trump is pure evil, and they are also fighters against evil, then they would have engaged in voter fraud to stop evil. Any principled person would risk going to prison for engaging in fraud to stop a force of evil that threatens the entire planet.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that massive fraud took place during the election, Hobbs has claimed that everything was totally legit, and that any claims of fraud are “conspiracy theories.”

Obviously, short-haired Hobbs’ 2017 tweets prove that she is in no position to be objective in these matters.

In the longer run, we need laws designed to keep power out of the hands of women, who present a dangerous threat to our democracy.