Arizona: Mother Arrested After Toddler Eats Weed Mac and Cheese

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2018

We all knew that the legalization and standardization of weed would result in children being exposed to it.

At least I knew that.

And I said that.

Now it is, of course, happening.

Fox News:

An Arizona mother was arrested Thursday after police said her young daughter ate THC-laced macaroni and cheese.

Alaina Marie Limpert, 25, allegedly laughed when she realized her daughter, who is less than two years old, was experiencing the side effects of THC, a chemical found in marijuana, as she ate the meal with her father, the Tempe Police Department said.

“During that time neither parent took the child to immediate emergency care,” the police report stated.

After laughing, Limpert “proceeded to place [the child] into their backyard pool to use the cold water to ‘shock’ her,” according to investigators.

Three children living inside the home were removed from custody after the Arizona Department of Child Safety was notified of the incident.

Limpert, according to police, “admitted to making the mac and cheese with THC for her husband, but did not know her daughter ingested it.”

There have been absolutely zero benefits to the legalization of weed, other than that Jews have made money from it.

A society that needs to sedate the population is a society with deep-rooted problems that need to be addressed with something other than sedation.


I am sick and tired of whenever anyone criticizes weed, the weed-defenders compare it to alcohol.

It is something completely different in nature.

For one thing, it stays in your system a whole lot longer, and can cause a lack of concentration for days after you smoke. If you’re a regular smoker, it stays in your system for an entire month after you stop. Alcohol doesn’t affect concentration unless you are totally drunk.

For another thing, you can get a slight buzz from alcohol (instead of drunk), whereas if you smoke weed you just get “stoned.” Being stoned is useless, whereas while buzzed on alcohol, you can do useful things like read and write.

For another thing, most people who drink alcohol do it casually, while most people who smoke weed do it habitually.

For another thing, weed makes you stupid whereas alcohol does not.

For another thing, most great men were drinkers, and no great man I can think of smoked weed. I can’t even think of any successful people who smoke weed. The only ones I know are a few Jews like Bill Maher and those ice cream Jews. Probably also Bernie Sanders, I would assume.

For yet another thing, there is a barrier to keep children from drinking alcohol in the form of taste, which does not exist with all of these weed snacks. I still remember when I was maybe 5-years-old and my dad gave me a sip of beer and I spit it out, the taste was so awful at that age. I never wanted to drink it again, and even as a teenager I preferred vodka and orange juice (although I ended up vomiting up that particular mix enough that I will never, under any circumstances, drink it again).