Arizona: 11-Year-Old Girl Enters Car of 20-Year-Old Illegal Guatemalan for Sex, Comes Out Pregnant

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 28, 2019

This undocumented lover tried to deport himself to avoid the consequences of getting an 11-year-old pregnant.

You can see in his face that he regrets what he’s done. He’s clearly suffering for this, so why punish him and cause him even more suffering?

Just let him walk away and give him some free stuff to take to his family.

When they go low, we go high.

Daily Mail:

An undocumented immigrant from Guatemala begged a judge to be deported after he was arrested for allegedly impregnating a minor in Arizona.

Carlos Cobos-Pérez, 20, appeared before the magistrate in Phoenix last week accused of getting the 11-year-old girl pregnant.

Through a translator asked if he could sign off on his voluntary exit from the United States so he could get out of the situation.

‘If I want to sign my order of deportation, am I allowed to do so or no?’ Cobos-Pérez asked.

The judge then told him that it was ‘something this court doesn’t do’.

There’s a video of that.

He seems reasonable enough.

Cobos-Pérez was brought to the attention of authorities in November 2018 after the elementary school student was found to have love bites on her neck.

The pregnant girl’s mother told Univision Arizona that her daughter will have the baby.

‘I have no other choice but to support the child … She will have the baby,’ she said.

The girl’s mother.

According to FOX affiliate KSAZ, a girl, who spoke on the condition of anonymity and is friends with Cobos-Pérez and the minor, said that the suspect was distraught when he found out the child was pregnant.

‘He called me last Friday crying, telling me he got his girlfriend pregnant and I didn’t believe it,’ she said.

She really loved him with all her heart, but her parents would not let her see him.’

The girl’s mother is hopes Cobos-Pérez is not deported.

He needs to pay for what he did,’ she said.

‘If they let him out and send him back, he’ll be able to come back pretty easily.’

Ignoring the part about “not removing hickeys from 11-year-old loli,” there’s no doubt the girl really loves him. She’s in a tough position now, because the State and her mother would rather turn her into a single mother to punish the man instead of forcing the man to marry her and to provide for her… and considering he’s a brown jungle ape, it’s not immediately evident which option would be worse.

Puberty awakens strong sexual urges in girls. Those urges are stronger than what their 20-something counterparts experience, and they don’t have any experience in handling them. The Jewish slut-factory created by the media and other Jewish-controlled institutions takes advantage of that to push our young women towards degeneracy.

When you tell 11-year-old girls that it’s illegal for them to slut around.

It’s easy, really. They have this unbearable urge to get picked up by a man and violently thrown over a mattress, and every wholesome outlet for those urges is forbidden.

They want to feel small.

They can’t marry. They’re not supposed to have sex. They’re not supposed to even talk to the older men they’d want as husbands.

So what are they supposed to do?

If an older Guatemalan offers what they so desperately yearn for, they’ll buy.

They’ll pay the price just to get a glimpse of what nature intended for them — even if that glimpse is corrupted.

That which doesn’t happen in the Light, happens in the Dark.

Pretending these young girls don’t have sexual urges doesn’t make their sexual urges go away.

Forbidding historically successful ways for them to fulfill their desires doesn’t make their desires go away — it just makes them go about figuring out how to fulfill those desires on their own, and you know what happens when women try to figure stuff out on their own.