Argentina: Topless Sluts Burn Bibles and Attack Men Going into Church Because Patriarchy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2017

Women are so stupid, it makes me sick.

You know they aren’t actually “stupid,” in the usual sense of the word. They can memorize things, and repeat them, and they are capable of pattern recognition.

The better term is “fundamentally hysterical.”

They can store information in their brains as well as a man – or about 90% as well as a man – but they are incapable of organizing this information into a consistent whole, and the associations they draw between these stored pieces of information end up seeming to someone thinking rationally – i.e., a male with a healthy male brain (male brain health relating to stable, normal testosterone levels) – as insanity.

So, sometimes men murder their wives. Usually, their wives did something to deserve it. Not always, but as a rule, men don’t murder their wives randomly.

The raging slutfest in Argentina, which recently featured totally nude women acting like rabid animals in the street, is reaching existential levels.

(Spartacus just covered this today, but march naked and form a body pile was day one of the protest. Saturday, day three, was burn Bibles in front of a church and attack people going in to pray day.)

They’re not burning Bibles and attacking men going to the church to pray.

They are now burning Bibles and mob-attacking men going to church.

Several men have murdered their wives recently, and the media decided to draw a connection between these murders, even though though there is no connection other than time – and media attention.

They are happening in different cities and none of the men know each other.

Women hear this information, interrpret as a pattern of “femicide,” link it to stories they’ve heard of patriarchal male oppression, stories which are linked to Christianity and suppression of female sexuality in standard feminist mythology, and so, in response to unrelated cases of wife murder, they go out naked into the streets and bark like rabid dogs.

They they decide to go out in front of a church, burn Bibles and attack men who are going into the church to pray.

This is not abnormal female behavior. It is the exact behavior you would expect from females if they were fed a certain series of stimuli.


Thousands of women in Argentina participated in mass demonstrations against the staggering number of femicides in their country and throughout the continent.

The third edition of the #NiUnaMenos protests took place on Saturday, only one day after Ana Rosa Barrera, a 46-year-old Argentine woman, was found dead in the city of Alta Gracia. La Nacion newspaper reported that her partner, Marcelo Ferrarretto, confessed to the murder.

The main demonstrations occurred in Buenos Aires at Congress Square at 4 p.m. local time. The march is scheduled to carry on to May Square.

Ana Maria Vazquet Duplat, a protest organizer, explained that since the first protests against femicide began in 2015 “the number of femicide deaths have only worsened.” She added that in 2017, “while the state dismantles and withdraws funding for programs aimed at combating violence against women, a woman is killed every 18 hours.”

Maria Duplat emphasized that the Argentine state is not just absent but, in fact, deliberately “turning its back to the problem,” and instead utilizing the police to “persecute and suppress demonstrators.

“We are faced with a state that is responsible, not for its omission, but for its direct action against our rights,” she said.

“Rights” in this context is being used to refer to topless riots and arson as seen in the above video.

A key demand of the march is the release of Milagro Sala, an Indigenous leader of the Tupac Amaru neighborhood association. She was arrested on January 16 in Jujuy on allegations of stealing state funds.

However, Sala contests the allegations, stating that racism plays a key role in her detention and being subjected to torture and receiving death threats. In several opportunities she has stated that the Argentine corporate media has censured her and her peoples struggle.

Now see, that doesn’t even relate to the “femicide” issue.

It’s just another thing to do with “patriarchy” in their minds, which are being shaped by a media.

None of it is required to make any sense.

That is the whole point I am trying to make to you here – if you give women “freedom,” they will behave as though they are completely insane.

They are not actually insane, however. They are just responding to stimuli, and not having these responses restrained by men.

But they will just keep going and going and going, until there is nothing left to destroy.

They need to have the shit beat out of them, then be locked in a basement alone for a solid week.

Then, next time, she’ll think twice or perhaps thrice before she decides to get naked and burn Bibles in front of a church.


That is the end of the story.

It is not more complicated than that.


There is some weird misinterpretation of the ethnic make-up of Argentina in some WN circles. Yes, “Latin America” generally has a lot of Mestizos, though this is not so much the case with Argentina and Uruguay.

Argentina is over 50% White. Not “looks huwhite to me,” but second and third generation pure-blooded Europeans. Along with the original Spanish settlers (many of whom did mix), there was a huge migration from Europe to Argentina throughout the first three quarters of the 20th century. As you can see from these pictures and video, the majority of these “protesters” are white women.

Generally, it is only white women who behave this way. The women of other races, for reasons I assure you must be very complicated, are very much more concerned about being mothers than doing this sort of thing. Rather, that is to say, the reasons white women are prone to not doing this must be very complicated. Nonwhite women are just doing what all other female mammals do. The fact that white women have chosen to forgo basic primal animal functions in favor of… whatever this is that they are doing is completely inexplicable.

And sure, blame the Jews. I do. But there is something a little bit more nuanced than that going on here. Maybe it is simply that they are more complex lifeforms. Like, you couldn’t explain to a female dog or monkey that they should forgo having children in order to pretend to be males of their species and then go to war with their species. The more complex a machine, the more things that can go wrong with it. Anyway, that’s the best reasoning I can come up with for why feminism works with white women almost exclusively.