Argentina: People Rise Up and Stone Jews for Trying to Take Over Their Province

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2015

The Onda Azul hostel has closed for the remainder of the holiday season following the uprising.

Jews are not just unwanted in Europe, but are disliked wherever they go for their supremacist behavior and instinctual desire to dominate.

The latest country to make it clear to them that they are not wanted is Argentina, where ten Israeli snakes claiming to be tourists were rounded up and told in no uncertain terms, that the people are well aware of what the Nation-wreckers were really doing there.

Daily Mail

The attackers shouted ‘f******* jews’ at the group and accused them of ‘trying to take over Patagonia’ as they pelted them with stones and fired a shotgun round at a cabin during the ordeal.

Police called to the incident 45 minutes after the attack began had to withdraw because they were unable to control the situation – one was hospitalized with a broken jaw and two lost teeth.

The group of tourists were staying at the Onda Azul hostel near Puelo Lake, a backpacker’s accommodation popular with Israelis, when three neighbours arrived brandishing sticks and bottles and hurling anti-Semitic abuse at the visitors.

The owner of the hostel, 38-year-old Yoav Pollac, said: ‘They came in throwing stones, smashing windows,’ The Guardian reported.

‘They chased after three cars in which some of our guests tried to escape and wrecked them.

‘They injured me, my brother and my father, who is almost 70 years old.’

Dario Gonzalez, the Lake Puelo commissioner, said the incident forced the closure of the hostel but the attackers had no political affiliation, according to the International Business Times.

You do not need to have any political affiliation to be against allowing a hostile group of parasites into your country.

Especially a group which have been kicked out of 109 countries already and still refuse to admit being in any way responsible for it.

How we used to do it in Europe.

This just further goes to show that anywhere Jews are, people will hate them, meaning that it cannot be the people who all feel the same about them that are the problem.  Last year, Jews were even ejected from a small village in Guatamala with locals saying they had been engaged in subversive activities including an attempt to undermine their Catholic faith.