Are You Ready for President Michelle?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2018

There have been rumors about a potential run by Michelle Obama. To be fair, there are a lot of candidates who might potentially run. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton…even Oprah Winfrey.

But maybe Amazon knows something we don’t?


Why is Amazon running a full page of “Michelle Obama for President” T-Shirts? What does Bezos know that we don’t know?

And why did Michelle decide to launch her new book on November 13th, 2018, just a week after the midterm elections? Was that merely a coincidence or was the date chosen by her political advisors for some other reason?

And what about those rumors that Oprah might run for president in 2020? Were they really triggered by off-the-cuff comments by Seth Meyers at the Golden Globes or was Oprah really just a stalking horse for Candidate Michelle?

There’s no doubt that Ms. Obama is wildly popular among liberals and Democrats. According to Gallup, her favorability rating exceeds her husband’s or his two predecessors, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Check out this blurb from a 2017 Gallup survey: “First lady Michelle Obama will leave the White House with the same 68% favorable rating she had when she first moved in. Majorities of Americans have consistently expressed a favorable view of Michelle Obama…. The outgoing first lady’s highest rating was 72%, two months into her husband’s first term in office.”

And now there’s a new poll that came out with Michelle’s favorability ratings.

Washington Examiner:

Unlikely 2020 candidates Oprah Winfrey and former first lady Michelle Obama also do well over Trump. Winfrey leads 53 percent to 47 percent. Obama’s lead is 48 percent to 39 percent.

Rising potential Democratic candidates, Sens. Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, struggle against Trump.

Harris loses in the new poll, 36 percent to 39 percent for Trump.

Booker is tied at 38 percent.


So we’ve got a lot of Americans that are stoked on Oprah and Michelle. I assume that there are a lot of suburban house moms, frumpy millennial chicks, and the diversity hordes that would vote for her.

Never fear though, /ourjew/ Stephen Miller says everything is fine:

Top Trump aide Stephen Miller told Secrets that the administration’s internal polls are better.

“Our poll numbers are better today than they were on Election Day,” Miller told Secrets.

“In today’s country with the nonstop negativity in the media and everything else the political success that we’re having in what you’re seeing in the numbers, the generic ballot and everything else, is all enormously positive,” he added.

Well, that’s good. As for the Dems, this is a debate we’re going to be having soon. Who are they going to pick as their candidate?

Let’s run down the list here.

Joe Biden would be a good pick, his er…proclivities notwithstanding.

The only problem is that he’s too white and the Dem’s base is baying for the next transgressive candidate. So it would have to be another black man, preferably a woman or a black woman or a homo.

He’d have to choose a token minority as his VP at the very least, and even then that might not be enough.

But he’d take some of the White vote away from Trump, so that’s no bueno for us and the best case scenario for them.

More realistically speaking, Hillary might run again, if her health holds up or they manage to make her into a cyborg programmed to do one thing: win elections.


Meanwhile, Kamala Harris is pretty openly anti-White. We definitely want to encourage the SJW Left to run this walking caricature. Nothing would wake White America up faster.

Same thing goes for Cory Booker.

That being said, I am talking about an electorate that voted in Obama…twice. 

And then we’ve got Michelle and Oprah: two possible juggernauts.

These two are definitely the ones to watch for.

Oprah’s got star power and Michelle’s got a different level of star power – the kind of “dignified didn’t do anything of note and that’s commendable in and of itself because that’s uncontroversial” kind.

Lol the next elections are going to be something else.

So much diversity is going to be put up on stage front and center. Things might escalate and deteriorate in a race pitting Donald Trump against a non-White candidate.

People are going to get tribal, whether they like it or not.

And that’s good for us.