Are Social Justice Warriors Really a Threat?

Murder by Media
May 28, 2014

John Green: He's coming at you.
John Green: He’s coming at you.
Now, obviously cultural marxism and social justice is a clear and present danger to western civilization…now. The movement itself seeks to dismantle everything that has made civilization great and tear it down, under the guise of “social justice” and backed by cultural marxism.

But I’ve started looking at the actual “activists” themselves and their effect on the legitimacy of the movement. Take pic related for example. “Author” “video blogger” and wanna be “professor” John Green (along with his brother Hank) have been pushing this bullshit for a while now. Hank with his male privilege comments, and John with his anti-white, anti-american “Crash Course” videos. They’ve both ridden high on the support they’ve gotten from their legions of tumblrite drones.

However…two times now, John has had to crawl on his knees to apologize to the movement when he has been accused of transphobia and perpetuating mental illness shaming (along with supporting “damsel in distress” stereotypes in his books). He’s cried big crocodile tears, screaming that he’s one of them, that he is a good goy, and that he’s sorry for whatever he did to anger the legbearded masses.

And that’s made me realize that the entirety of the SJ movement is based on critical theory: that everything and everyone is open to criticism by everyone, and that everyone should be cut down.

With this as the heart of it’s movement, won’t Social Justice and Cultural Marxism eventually eat itself? Leftists groups have been plagued with infighting over identity politics (OWS, the Anarchist Conference in Portland), as well as any major character in their movement eventually having mud slung at them, saying they aren’t “true” members (look at that faggot Dan Savage, who is now a pariah over his “transphobia”)

So, I guess what I’m wondering is: is this just a storm we must weather? Will their movement eventually collapse in on itself, rendering it no longer a threat?

The SJ movement is all about MUH FEELINGS > YOUR RIGHTS, and that’s pretty much the perfect formula for chaos within the ranks of the movement. Trannies fight with gays, headcases fight with white guilters, everyone fights with everyone because they’ll never find this magical “equilibrium” of tolerance they seem to deluded themselves into thinking actually exists.

People are jerks, and will always be jerks, and the goal in life is to climb to the top of the pile of jerks and try the best you can to be the top jerk. SJWs are just weak jerks who would rather just sit back and whinge about how everyone is a jerk than actually start climbing.

All i can think about is how the people who operate that Tumblr must spend every waking moment just thinking about how awful everybody ever is. They must analyze everything ever through the lens of a SJW. Their lives must revolve around their perceived pursuit of social justice.

It must be maddening. I feel a little bit of pity, but mostly a kind of vindictive pleasure, knowing they’re going to hit 50 and realize they’ve wasted their lives unsuccessfully trying to tell people how to think and act.