Are People Fleeing the Cities Due to a Sense of Cosmic Dread?

The American Sun has published an anonymously submitted anecdote entitled “The Disappearing Americans” about people moving out of the city which I found interesting.

It may well be that my advice is sinking in with a larger portion of the population than I know, or it may simply be that people are instinctively recognizing that something wicked this way comes.

Understand, this is just an anecdote. Statistics on the actual number of people selling their homes and moving out of the city would be more or less impossible to compile.

A month ago I had a conversation with a married couple selling Real Estate for clients in a major U.S. city. My wife and I sat around the dinner table with them, assuming to hear stories of excited clients making a huge payday with the housing boom. The impression I received from him was a more subdued, almost mourning tone.

“No, he explained, “it’s actually a lot different than that. About nine out of ten of our clients are selling to move to the country.”

The instant thought I had was of the family I knew who moved and tried to raising egg-laying chickens, only to fail miserable and try to slaughter them to eat, only to get skin and bones. Did they have any idea of what they were doing?

He continued to explain how they weren’t doomsday type people, nor ignorant people with little understanding of country life, or even people who were impacted by the BLM riots of the last year, but simply normal folks who have a sinking feeling of something terrible coming in the horizon. They were people he had relationships with, and only had a primary interest of your average family. Most of their politics were mildly right but hardly what would be considered hard-right. They weren’t looking to build a new community, or to even be self-sustaining to work the land. The underlying plan of everyone was, quite simply, to disappear from general society. It wasn’t a flash of idealism, but a fundamental dread of something terrible in modernity that had no distinct form. Like a Lovecraftian monster, the only option was to flee and make oneself invisible.

While harrowing, I considered it an interesting anecdote until, a few weeks later, another family I was close to explained how they, too, were moving away, and told my wife and I the exact same reason. They didn’t have any high aspirations for living on the soil for virtues sake, but as a possible necessity to withstand what is coming. They noticed the increasing radicalization in their part of suburbia as their neighbors slowly seemed to be turning into fanatics for a strange and foreign ideology.

It’s easy, in retrospect, to understand the aura of doom. The Covid hysteria that turned annoying leftist neighbors into wannabe stasi-snitches has only accelerated, as many have found they like the taste of this new found power. Many people who live in the suburbs now don’t see their neighbor with a Gay Pride flag waving on their doorstep as an annoyance, but an existential threat to their existence. The neighbors of suburbia who once only had political differences have become uncompromising enemies with no hope of peaceful resolution.

The analogy of a Lovecraftian cosmic horror is a good one. It not only provides imagery of this unfathomably dark, evil force, but it also speaks to the way that corrupted people will follow the evil in order to take part in the power that it wields.

For those who haven’t read H.P. Lovecraft – firstly, I will just say that you should. Even though you’ve probably seen various depictions of it in popular culture, his style was unique and doesn’t really translate outside of the written word all that well. (It’s also ultra-fascist material, which makes it all the more fun.)

In the stories, there is usually some remote area, such as a rural fishing town, which has been infested by the evil. The villagers have surrendered themselves to the evil, in exchange for the power that it gives them. The way people are embracing this leftist totalitarian agenda is virtually identical to this, and it almost feels as though Lovecraft was writing these stories as an analogy for the current age.

These people who have embraced this gay agenda, this virus and vaxx agenda – they seem almost possessed. You rarely see their mouths, and so can never fully understand the emotions their features are attempting to communicate, but their eyes have begun to look progressively darker, with a hint of being animated by some otherworldly evil.

Lovecraft is a fan favorite among graphic artists, given that he provided detail of such weighty and unique imagery. Ironically, or perhaps not, various portrayals of the cultists in these stories have them wearing masks that do not look different to the coronavirus masks that this current cult of evil are wearing on their faces.

Having worked to strengthen my faith in Christ in recent years, I now feel that what we are looking at in the dark eyes of these vaxxers is a real dark force that they have become vessels for.

I know I’m not the only one feeling this. I am good with words, but even I struggle to put this phenomenon into words. So it is not surprising that the average person cannot even begin to describe the sense of dread they feel, or what informs this dread.

I hope this anecdote featured in the Sun is correct. As I’ve said often recently: this battle is over, and we have lost. The only possible action that is conceivably reasonable at this time is retreat. The monsters are in control. But the way that they control is through these people who have surrendered themselves to the darkness. Accepting the vaxx is the physical sign of submission to that evil, in the way that a tattoo, branding, or physical mutation would be in a Lovecraft story.

If you can get away from this evil, to join with God-fearing people outside of the cities, I believe that God will lend you his protection.

In the Bible, it repeatedly tells us that an entire urban area can become corrupted by dark forces, which are typically associated with homosexuality and a rejection of God. The solution that is always given, in both the Old Testament and the New, is to get away from these urban centers, lest you yourself be consumed by the darkness.

Indeed, the central characters in Lovecraft’s stories repeatedly ignore signs of the evil that has enveloped the dark locations, letting greed or curiosity get the better of them, and remain until they are forced to join the cult, or be sacrificed to a demon in a blood ritual.

All of the signs of something very evil having already begun are all around you in the cities. I tell you to leave because I care about you, my people, but also because I know what is going to happen. Hell is going to open up, and those who do not run will be swallowed. I want the White Christian people to continue on into the future, so I want as many of us as possible to escape, so that we can survive and rebuild.

Anyone who takes the vaxx is already gone. They have already surrendered to the forces of evil. Even if they are members of your family, when the time comes, they will turn against you. They have chosen to embrace the fear, and whatever part of their humanity remains will be stripped away in the coming years, until they are nothing but a drone serving the forces of evil.

We are already seeing the scapegoating of the unvaxxed, just as we are seeing the scapegoating of whites. It is already getting heavy. The next phase is going to be brutal – and it is going to begin this fall.

House prices are historically high right now, as a result of the inflation agenda and the buying up of property by Wall Street firms. You can easily sell your home in the city, without much effort, and you can leave. If you’re renting, it will be much cheaper outside the city.

You know I’ve called every single element of this agenda. I’m now calling doom.

The time is right now. This is your last chance. The next round of lockdowns will be absolutely maximized, and you will not have the opportunity to escape once that begins.