Archeological Dig of Ancient City in Egypt Hailed as Great Discovery

I’m supposed to be doing a bit of good news every day. I don’t really think this counts as good news. I don’t like it when they dig up these people’s graves. Everyone has a right to rest in peace.

They could just dig up the city without digging the graves, but they want the bones.

The Tucker article was the good news story of the day.


A group of archeologists has unearthed the remains of a sprawling ancient city near Luxor, Egypt, in what has been hailed as one of the most important discoveries in the past hundred years.

The city, which dates back to King Amenhotep III, who ruled Egypt between 1391 BC and 1353 BC, was once the largest administrative and industrial settlement in the ancient empire, lead archaeologist Zahi Hawass said in a statement.

The site was dubbed the “Lost Golden City of Luxor” and is believed to be one of the largest ancient sites of its kind discovered in Egypt.

The ruins boast intact city streets flanked by houses with walls up to 10 feet high. Archaeologists also discovered rooms filled with tools of daily life, left by the city’s former inhabitants “as if it were yesterday,” the statement said. Rings, colored pottery vessels, casting molds to make amulets, pots used to carry meat, and various types of tools were unearthed during the excavation. A large bakery “complete with ovens and storage pottery” was also discovered.

I wonder why they’re doing all this digging now?

I’m seeing a lot of apparently unironic ancient aliens shilling on /pol/ these days.

I think the fake aliens thing is still on the table, and they could link it to some dig site.

Someone sent me this book recently:

I haven’t read it yet, but there is a whole lot of evidence pointing to an impending alien visitation hoax.

I don’t think they’ll be “evil.” They would be travelers who’ve come to teach us the errors of racism and being against vaccines.

That would top off this whole series of events.

(A real alien visitation is impossible because Einsteinian physics are fake.)

But the digs are always interesting regardless.

Here’s a more detailed article on National Geographic.