Archbishop of Canterbury Demands Destruction of “White Jesus”

You’ll be shocked to hear that this man is part Jew.


Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the Church of England, has said the church should reconsider its portrayal of Jesus as a White man.

Speaking to the BBC Today Programme, Welby was asked whether the way the western church “portrays Jesus” needed to be “thought about again” and “re-imagined” in light of recent Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd.

“Yes, of course it does,” he said, adding that Jesus was portrayed differently in countries around the world. He was regularly in touch with Anglican Church leaders from around the world, he said, who did not portray Jesus as White.

“You go into their churches and you don’t see a White Jesus — you see a Black Jesus, or Chinese Jesus, or a Middle Eastern Jesus — which is of course the most accurate.

“You see a Fijian Jesus — you see Jesus portrayed in as many ways as there are cultures, languages and understandings.”

Welby added that the representations of Jesus were not, however, “who we worship” but rather served as a “reminder of the universality of the God who became fully human.”

This is all a bunch of revisionist crap.

Absolute garbage.

It’s an attempt to attack and destroy history.

The fact of reality is that Jesus, like virtually everyone in the Middle East at the time, was white.

Look at a map of the Greek Empire at the time of Alexander – the whole area was WHITE PEOPLE, until they reached India.

The reason that people in the Middle East are “Middle Eastern” race now is primarily a result of Islam. The Moslems were breeding a war machine, so they were willing to use the wombs of any women they could find, and a lot of those were black wombs that they found in the area of Yemen and in Africa.

Then, the Mongols came through and joined Islam.

There is no actual “Middle Eastern race” – what we are calling that now is simply a mix of white, black and Asian.

All the people in the Old Testament were white. We know now that the Egyptians were white – we have the mummies. They have red hair and beards. Over 4,000 years ago, the people in Egypt were white.

The tribes of Israel were also white. Modern Jews, like the Arabs, are just mixed race bastards with little relation to the Israelites of the Bible.

Imagine if we let the US fall to these hordes of brown people, and then they started saying that Thomas Jefferson was black and George Washington was a Mexican. That’s the equivalent of what we do with the Bible. No one has any reason to believe these people were “Middle Eastern race,” they just make that assumption based on the fact that that’s who’s there now.

All evidence and historical record however shows that every hero of the Bible, including Jesus, was white.

Christianity is a European religion, it is the religion of European people, Jesus was a European, the Old Testament is about Europeans. Fact.

I don’t care if black people or Asians or whoever want to make their own images of Christ. That is okay, if it helps their faith by making Him more relatable. He is supposed to be relatable. But the fact is: our image of Christ is the accurate one, showing his true identity, as described in ancient texts.

But the facts don’t matter. This is an attack on all of our institutions, and of course they are attempting to destroy religious icons.

Surely, “we have to destroy images of Christ because of George Floyd” is the point at which this has gone too far?