Archaeologists in Norway Use Ground-Penetrating Radar to Find Viking Burial Ship

It is pretty badass that the vikings buried people in gigantic boats.

The fact that ground-penetrating radar works as well as it does now is less badass. We are really in a situation where no one is going to be able to hide from anything, due to the rapid advancement in technology.

Basically, that means that we need to find a way to have a government that isn’t totally evil and controlled by blood-drinking satanist Jews.


Norwegian archaeologists have identified a previously undiscovered “high-status” Viking burial site, featuring a feast hall, cult house, and the remnants of a ship burial.

Researchers were able to discover the findings without having to dig into any land, instead using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to see below the surface.

Key amongst the findings from the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research — published Tuesday in the Antiquity journal — is a Viking ship burial site located on the Jell mound in Gjellestad, southeastern Norway. Boats symbolized safe passage into the afterlife and were usually accorded to the elite of Viking society.

The GPR data showed that the Iron Age vessel measures around 19 meters (62 feet) long, with the ship buried between 0.3 meters to 1.4 meters (0.9 to 4.6 feet) beneath the ground’s surface.

“When we’re doing these kinds of surveys, it’s normally just gray and black and white blobs — but this data set is so visually striking,” said lead author of the study Lars Gustavsen, a researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research.

“We knew that there was something special there, but we had no idea that there was going to be a ship burial, that’s pretty unique,” he told CNN.

After initial tests were conducted, efforts to fully excavate the ship are now underway.

Gustavsen said that the mound was previously dug up in the 19th Century, when a lot of the wooden remains of the ship were burned because people were unaware of what they were, meaning there is not a lot left for researchers to analyze today.

“It’s a unique opportunity, it’s just a shame that there is so little left of it,” he said. “What we have to do is use modern technology and use it very carefully. By doing that, we’re hoping that we can capture something from that ship, and be able to say something about what type of ship it was.”

Researchers found several burial mounds beneath the ground; including the ship, they discovered 13 mounds in total — with some measuring more than 30 meters (98 feet) wide.

I am 100% against opening these graves up. There shouldn’t be a time limit on how long we respect the dead.

I always said that it was sick to dig up Egyptian sarcophaguses and drag them around to museums.

Why should they not have rights?

We wouldn’t dig up the graves of people buried in the cemetery down the road, and we consider people who used to do that (grave robbers) to be the worst sort of ghoul.

The idea that there is a time limit which transforms a “grave robber” into an “archaeologist” is nonsensical. When people bury their loved ones, they expect them to stay in the ground forever.

I’ve actually called for international laws to be passed to outlaw the desecration of graves.

I will say that it’s cool that the grave robbers discovered that the Egyptian mummies were all white people with red hair.

However, anyone who isn’t stupid already knows that the entire Middle East was populated with white people up until relatively recently. All of the characters in the Bible, not just the Egyptians, were white.

Possibly, some of the enemies of the Israelites were more swarthy. But the Bible states many times that the people of the tribes of Israel had light skin, often pink, and often red hair.

It’s good to have that truth backed up by the redhead mummies, because many morons believe that the Bible is (inexplicably) about brown people.

It’s also kinda cool that we know what a viking burial ship looked like, I guess.

But come on, MAN!

Leave the poor dead bastards in the ground.

Every human deserves that.